Mason (BCH), Christian Lundgren, and Micah (CF)

Mason is one of the guys at Beefcake Hunter who shot their load while fucking the site owner.

I told him to fuck me to completion, and that is precisely what he did; exploding inside me and then falling on top of me exhausted was a grand finale, like many of us like it.

Christian Lundgren does love to shoot his load while being fucked, according to Belami Online.

Christian being Christian, can’t seem to cum without something up his love hole, so Sven gallantly offers to help him out in the only way he can think of.

Canyon Cole (aka Micah) is seldom the top. As Micah, his first scene as the top is the latest update at Corbin Fisher.


  1. logogay

    BCH is definitely the better, more and alternative honest version of gay porn when it comes to G4P/straight guys. Not as boringly stubborn as MEN/MG with their G4P/Straight actors.
    I don’t have to say much about BA. In “gay circles” everyone knows how good they still are and always have been.
    CF is trying hard, but they absolutely can’t reach the level they used to. In addition, they can no longer recruit new faces (only those who have already filmed for other labels) and then their obstinately unnecessary coed scenes with vaginas. This is extremely annoying as a consumer! I thought they saw themselves as a gay porn company. At least that’s how they always portray it. Especially when it comes to publishing their monthly scenes!

  2. Reg

    I just wish that guy would change that awful thong. You probably couldn’t get the crust off with a bazooka at this point.

  3. OldFatGuy

    I’ve always thought CF made a mistake in terms of the available talent pool by moving to Reno, NV since its sort of out of the way for travelling out of town talent. Plus its a more conservative and less gay friendly place than many other cities.

  4. baz

    BCH is probably the only place carrying on the spirit of original ChaosMen site, in terms of actual amateur guys.

    As for BA, I’ve always found them boring. It’s as though they technically do gay porn, but somehow it leaves me cold.

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