Still as the top: Alex Kof at Cocky Boys

Alex Kof [movies] is the latest update at Cocky Boys, his second scene and second time as the top. He was also the top in his scene at Randy Blue, the sister site of Cocky Boys.

Alex was versatile when he first worked for gay porn from 2016 to 2017 at Lucas Entertainment.

He was versatile for his fan site, and some of his homemade scenes as the bottom were uploaded at Raw Fuck Club.

And he was versatile for Treasure Island Media and Vision X when he made a comeback last year.


  1. logogay

    Alex Kof is awesome. I like it when men of Russian descent admit their sexual orientation. Plus, Alex isn’t just “only” Top! On OF he already bottoms several times!
    There is currently no freedom in Russia and gay culture is being completely erased or ignored! That’s very sad enough!

    • Ted

      I don’t think he lives in Russia anymore, but yeah, I agree with you 100% (Well, I guess 99.5%, lol)

      • logogay

        I know he doesn’t live in Russia (thank God for him), but he was born there and that’s sad enough given the current situation there.

        • emercycrite

          LOL he’s Ukrainian, not Russian.

    • Niemand

      He’s Ukrainian. Andrey Vic, too. I think most of those Lucas guys were (Michael Lucas is Russian though).

  2. baz

    My favourite Alex Kof bottom scene was when MagicMikeHung was railing him.

    Quite honestly, I think his amateur scenes are better than his studio scenes, and I can’t think of anyone in the CB stable who would really do him right.

  3. NovaStar

    Alex Kof has got a new fan in me. Homie is doing the damn thing & I’m here for it all!

  4. jim

    Here’s hoping he does a flip/flop with fellow Russian Dato Foland. I’m hard just thinking about it. . .

    • Niemand

      Dark Foland is Georgian if I remember correctly. Michael Lucas claimed so many performers as Russian (a bad habit of theirs, as we can see from “current events”).

  5. Deepgloat

    I thought Alex Kof was Ukrainian…?

    Russian or Ukrainian, he is scorching hot.

  6. Deepgloat

    I’d love to know who the Russian is who is going through all of these comments and downvoting anybody who says that Alex is not Russian. He’s not. after I posted my comment, I went and did a little digging online, and there are multiple interviews and sources that confirm he is Ukrainian, he was born in Mariupol, and there’s absolutely no doubt about it. So fuck you, whoever you are Mr. anonymous Russian troll. Alex Kof is Ukrainian, and you are an anonymous coward and an asshole.

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