Back for Only Fans: Girth Brooks and Brett Swanson

Girth Brooks, who loves to top, had scenes released on sites like Suite 703 (now Richard.XXX) and Extra Big Dicks (now under Pride Studios) until 2013.

He joined X six months ago to promote his fan site.

Brett Swanson, who loves to bottom, is known for his work at Corbin Fisher, as Dylan, and Randy Blue until 2014.

He posted again on X after 11 years to promote his fan site.


  1. Michael

    Girth Brooks? Seriously? I remember an interview or something where he was boasting about how he wouldn’t even kiss a guy, let alone suck dick. DON’T DO GAY PORN THEN! Quite homophobic vibes.

    • Reg

      Very, very, very, VERY, G4P. He must have fallen on really hard times, but I also wouldn’t expect him to do much this time around.

  2. Pavel Ford

    Girth Brooks…..Who really cares. I would rather stare at the blank wall as I jack off than look at that G4P Mess.
    Brett Swanson ….. He made a lot of hot scenes and then as he was at the height of his “fame” just disappeared. I never bought into him being gay. Not sure what he says he is. Looks like he is still sort of cute and back for the whole “GOLD RUSH” of our era known as the Onlyfans/X/Twitter/Chatterbait CASH GRAB. Some are getting Rich, Others are going home with empty pockets….Wonder which he will be?

  3. logogay

    I don’t know either of the former (gay) porn actors! And from what I’ve read so far from other commentators here, it’s perhaps better that way. Who cares?

    • Sauron

      Yeah you are too young to remember them.

    • Pavel Ford

      I remember a few of Brett Swanson’s scenes being very hot. Lots of nasty energy. Especially for Randy Blue. But, for some reason I remember not being 100 % sure he was gay.

  4. Ralph

    More G4P trying to make a buck. There is tons of free gay porn out there. Why bother with these two? This is my opinion, and no one has to like it.

  5. Andy

    Brett’s Page is not there anymore 🙁

    • Matt

      So much for Brett Swanson’s comeback. That was pretty quick.

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