Up next: Allen King, Ryan Bones, and Daniel (Sean Cody)

Allen King does top from time to time. His scene with Luciano is up next at Men At Play.

From fully clothed to shirtless, Ryan Bones is up next at The Bro Network.

The comeback scene of Daniel is up next at Sean Cody.

Bottom is Danny Fantasy.


  1. Jktooo

    Oh God! Sooooo fkn excited to see Daniel/Andy Catlin fucking guys again! Even w bad hair hes so fkn hot!

    I like to Allen topping tho its rare. Wish he would top more but perhaps in his real life he usually bottoms.

    Nice to see Bones shirtless again. He got tubby there for a bit., still good looking but he was obvi conscious of his tubby-ness.

    Good post!

  2. Sam

    Can someone please figure out why SeanCody refuses to leave the gym ? It’s been 4 months since they’ve done a scene that isn’t a gym scene .

    • Jktooo

      Hahaha. Really? U want porn in specific locations? Hahaha. I LOVE outdoor porn scenes but if not outdoor i am not complaining…i just love seeing my fave PSs fucking.

    • sdsr

      The problem for me with the vast majority of recent seancody videos isn’t that they’re shot in the same location but that the sex is so boring (Daniel’s usually not boring, and I usually like Danny Fantasy, but I can’t stand Daniel and never could, especially the over-the-top aggressive persona he used to display).

  3. logogay

    I wouldn’t have expected that the “big bottom whore” Allen would act as a top. But looks good.
    Ryan Bones is just : hahaha and absolut boring!
    This Daniel from SC looks like a hot hairy daddy. But he should take more clean of himself. Looks a bit unclean.

    • Camille

      Ryan Bones is delicious so for me he is always welcome!

  4. Reg

    The Bro Network? I’ve never heard of it and I didn’t think Ryan was able to get work after Mind Geek sacked him.

    And Daniel I thought stuck just to his OnlyFans these days. I’m surprised to see him working for a studio again, but fingers crossed he gets back to his bottoming days.

    • Bucko

      I too am hoping Daniel shows us his versatility again…it’s been far too long. He’s so good whether topping or bottoming and that’s such a bonus!

  5. NovaStar

    I’m probably gonna get tons of Downvotes but fuck it, none of these films look interesting. Hopefully the next batch of films focused on will grab my attention and get me hard as a rock but this ain’t doing it.

    • Cherrystick

      No hate from me, you’re absolutely right.

  6. sammy1023

    Man buns…uggh…just cut the hair and get on with the fucking.

  7. Nick

    Ryan Bones and Daniel (Sean Cody) are charming men. Allen King is gorgeous, but he is very unfriendly. Daniel is spectacular now.

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