• Jktooo

      Stop. If they have an ugly public personality i have zero problems w comments like this. Spikeys young dumb full of cum. Not ur type ok, fine. His situation w convicted criminal cliff jensen he rectified by paying/reimbursing jensens (confd by cliff jensen X post) medical costs…the right thing to do. No reason to call him “repulsive”. Grow up urself u jackass.

    • Jktooo

      Ive commented on here before there r nasty ass bitches here on mop and u have made that category. Congratulations! Ur an ugly human being.

      • Luke

        and yet…aren’t you the same by engaging and enabling a continued conversation? It’s not like you’re affecting change: Alex is steadfast in his opinion. Spikey isn’t changing his ways due to comments about his career, actions, and appearance. Not sure of your point five comments deep, aside from shaming Alex, whose comments reveal who he is without any efforts needed. Unless you need someone to validate you in saying “you’re right Jktooo”

        • Jktooo

          Dont need anyone else validating my comments idgaf. Moron ayyholes need to be exposed

  1. logogay

    Arthur just shortened his hair a little. Looks the same, but still hot.
    Spikey, where are you? Your (gay) porn appearances have become so rare. Are you only fucking MILFS and young vaginas again at your old employer MG/Brazzers or Adulttime?
    I thought you were bi and wanted to be a gay porn star? Then you should also work for other gay porn studios besides JUST HELIX!
    And Jayden looks hot and sexy as ever. But he shouldn’t have too much muscles or tattoos, because that doesn’t suit him.

  2. Adam

    So Spikey now has a dirty mop? I don’t get that hair at all: good looking guy with some great facial features, robust performer, but the mop is not for me – clearly, it IS for other folks…or their eyes are focused elsewhere –

  3. Bsg67

    Spikey Dee definitely not my cup of tea

  4. Magnus

    I don’t get the appeal of Spikey Dee, or any performer that looks like a frail child.

    • Chris

      Someone told me he just did a scene holding a teddy bear. Beyond creepy!

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