Interesting interview with owner of Chaos Men

Excerpts of the interview of Bryan Ockert, owner of Chaos Men, from Guys For "The Camera" [part 1 and part 2

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Bryan shared just how much work the site actually is for him. Not only does he manage and book the models, but he picks them up at the airport, shoots all the video and photos, edits the final videos, encodes them, manages the website, answers tech questions and designs the site itself! No rest for the weary. Bryan gets about 6 hours of sleep per day with time also spent at a gym trying to maintain an acceptable weight.

Bryan_ockert_chaosmen_03 He does have some help….from his parents! His father helped him build his studio and is a CPA- so he does Bryan’s taxes. Mom does his bookkeeping. She even paints rooms before shoots and cleans as well. Bryan has a friend that helps with photo retouching. But he doesn’t want to do anything else. He loves his job.

"Many of my models come from scouts who place guys with the right site. But mostly my guys come from other models. Most start off with the solo as you said, move on to getting head, find it was easy, then try fucking a dude. Then when they realize the guy they are fucking is also straight – and actually nutting from it – they are less afraid to try bottoming. Funny enough, once they bottom, most actually prefer it. Mainly because the pressure on them to stay hard is not there."

"Most of the guys are actually straight. Viewers either love or hate that label but I have to say it on the site or I will get a thousand emails asking me what they are. Some are experimenting and confused. Some are truly bisexual. But most would never ever even fantasize about having sex with a dude during a jerk off session, nor seek out sex with another guy."

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"Ransom, I think he deserves the cock sucking award," Bryan stated matter of factly. "He has taken over a lot of the videos that I used to do, and he is always bound and determined to make a guy nut and not just have them jerk themselves off into his mouth. He is a major performer with dedication. I think it’s funny that your readers picked him as one of the best Tops, because, despite having a girlfriend and rascally 4-year-old son, the dude REALLY enjoys being fucked! Half the time he is yelling, "Cut!" because he is about to nut just from being fucked! He is good Top, but I tend to think of him as a better Bottom. "But I gotta give props to Nash. For a straight guy, he has never said no to a cock for me, and he cums from being fucked."

He actually got no flack about the RAW videos from fans and reviewers.

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Bareback_chaosmen_03 Bareback_chaosmen_04

"If you look at a site like AEBN, their highest viewed videos are the bareback videos. Well, without a doubt, the RAW videos are what people want, complete with breeding action. My subscribers truly want to see that fantasy take place in front of them. I do get at least one letter a month saying ‘How dare you!’ but for the most part, the RAW videos have been a success."

Teo, Taylor, Vander, Orlando, Hayden, Eli, Micah, Heath, Parker and Ransom. All are my favourites because I like them personally, they work hard to make the videos hot, are solid no-nonsense performers, and all of them ooze sex in their own way. There are actually about 10 more I could name. I like my team a lot."

For the complete article, visit Guys For "The Camera".


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