The perfect 69 partner for Samuel O’Toole – Joey Soto

Because of his height, Samuel O'Toole's partners must bend or arch their back in order to suck his cock in a 69 position. This could be bad for their back and sex injuries are not covered by health insurance 🙂 Joey Soto will not have this problem.


5 thoughts on “The perfect 69 partner for Samuel O’Toole – Joey Soto

  1. AKA Corbin Fisher Brick (Fratmen Elliot) is listed as their shortest dude at 5’4″. I didn’t realize Sammie was quite THAT short. LOL They both are in dire need of the fucking they so richly deserve!

  2. Looking forward to seeing Joey Soto bottom for Phoenix Saint over at It is the forth scene in the movie. Jimmy and Topher are the second scend from the same movie. I just remember when he was Elliot he said he would never bottom. I guess the money was right over at Jetsetmen. Got to hand it to them.

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