Cocksure Men has been filming new scenes again

Last Aug 2011, there was news that Cocksure Men ceased production indefinitely. The cease of production was only temporary. Looking at the dates of the pictures sent by Mann Monroe, who works at Cocksure Men, he has been sharing pictures of scenes they recently filmed since Sept 2011.

Cocksuremen_01 Cocksuremen_02 
Cocksuremen_03 Cocksuremen_04 

Some of those scene have been recently released by Cocksure Men.


Today, Cavin Knight just filmed a Cocksure Men scene with in demand porn star Marc Dylan.

Cavin_knight_03 Cavin_knight_04 

Of the 3 porn sites owned by Jake Cruise, only Straight Guys for Gay Eyes has not been updated with new content.


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