From Jack at Corbin Fisher to Chip at Chaos Men and now Patrick Hand at College Dudes

Corbin Fisher was the first one to release a solo of Jack last May 16, 2011. Chaos Men was pissed since he also shot scenes of Jack as Chip. Instead of releasing Chip’s solo first, he released the scene where Chip was barebacked by Kent.

As Jack at Corbin Fisher, he had a str8 scene and 2 action scenes with guys where he fucked Trey and was fucked by Travis.

Jack_corbinfisher_01 Jack_corbinfisher_02
Jack_corbinfisher_03 Jack_corbinfisher_04

As Chip at Chaos Men, he was sucked by the owner of the porn site, Bryan, fucked by Kent and a flip/fuck with Kristopher.

Chip_chaosmen_01 Chip_chaosmen_02
Chip_chaosmen_03 Chip_chaosmen_04

He is now known as Patrick Hand at College Dudes. He also has a new tattoo on his left arm.


Comparing solo shoots of Jack aka Chip aka Patrick Hand

Jack_chip_patrick_hand_01 Jack_chip_patrick_hand_02
Jack_chip_patrick_hand_03 Jack_chip_patrick_hand_04


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