One of the last remaining scenes of Phenix Saint (tip @ Nneoma)

Phenix Saint deleted his Twitter account after he announced his retirement.


MEN just released their latest scene that had Phenix Saint paired with Ayden Marx. Could this be his last scene?


Before he mentioned retiring from gay porn, he had a “soap opera” moment with a young woman “he was dating” and a follower of Phenix. Thanks to Nneoma for giving me a summary of the telenovela event 🙂

This girl chases after many guy celebs and gay pornstars, and somehow got to talking with Phenix since last summer. According to her, they exchanged numbers and were texting and calling each other.

Apparently they were planning to take things to the next level, even though this hoe already has a bf. According to her, she was gonna buy a plane ticket to go see Phenix. It’s not clear whether it was going to be the 1st time meeting in person or if they have already.

She knew Phenix was in gay porn but as their “friendship” progressed. I guess she wanted to be reassured that he wasn’t that into it and wasn’t bi/gay so she kept badgering him about it through texting and he kept trying to reassure her that he was straight & that he’s only in gay porn for the money.

I guess she was insecure about it all and tried to look further into his scenes & tweet to/DM other pornstars to get more “info”‘ on him. She saw that he had done a double penetration scene and that she could handle gay porn but not double penetration (I don’t see the difference – gay sex is gay sex, but I guess double penetration is too “extreme” for her).

And from fellow models, supposedly some said to her that Phenix was bi, some said he’s flirty off camera, some said they think he likes filming gay sex but they don’t think he’d mess around with men off camera. Others refused to answer her questions and get involved in the drama.

So, the girl went crazy and was calling Phenix gay, and in the closet, and that gay porn is disgusting, that he’s a liar for telling her he was straight while making her fall for him, and that he’s in denial about being bi/gay, he needs to apologize to her etc.

In the midst, she’s posting screen captures of a few of their texts. In one of them, he said he’s not attracted to black women. And in another one (which has since been taken down) he said black people have ugly faces. So, she used these texts on twitter to say that phenix was a racist. Then, she revealed that he had a daughter but is not allowed to see her because the child’s mother doesn’t like that he’s still doing gay porn.

So, this girl since March 10th has made it a point to expose and slander Phenix on twitter.

Phenix claims she’s an “obsessed twitter fan” who’s doing all this because he told her he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with her. Yet I ask, if she was just a “twitter fan”, why did she have his number? They might have met on twitter but they were obviously trying to be fuck buddies (if they weren’t already) and take it to the next level. And as you can see from her screen name, this girl is barely 20.. Phenix is 30.

In the middle of all this drama, this guy: Juicy Jarome. He got annoyed with Phenix for calling black people ugly. So he jumps on the Cherry bandwagon and called Phenix racist. And, in numerous tweets too. So Phenix, who had already been following this guy on twitter, went ahead and blocked him. The guy took offense, but wanted to get on Phenix’s good side again so retracted his statements. Phenix kept ignoring him though so the guy went back to calling Phenix racist and so on. Drama since March 10 just like with Cherry. And, a few days ago, the guy (who had a blog) posted an entry about Phenix (probably with Cherry’s help) and details about the drama and Phenix’s personal details, particularly that phenix has a daughter (the blog entry was taken down).

Phenix threatened the guy to take it down. So, he did. He apologized to Phenix and now they’re on OK terms.

The guy asked Phenix if he was leaving porn, and Phenix said he’s done with porn for good. He hasn’t given specific reasons why yet. But, I’m guessing this latest drama was the last straw for him.


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