31 thoughts on “Taylor’s escort ad removed upon request of Corbin Fisher (tip @ Gloria)

  1. I’d understand if he was still under contract but if not then CF has no right to do so.
    The CF CEO probably wants to keep him all to himself. Major creeper.

  2. lol you probably got him fired or sued. Can you get sued for breach of contract in porn?

  3. I think you have it right especially about the CF CEO. I think some funny shit goes down there, thus all the ludicrous and heavy-handed secrecy.

  4. Maybe CF wouldn’t hire him if he was escorting while working for CF. Kind of like Bel Ami where GD said they can’t escort while working for him. I’m not sure whether it applies to those on contract or not.

  5. The guy in charge of Corbin Fisher ~ the Corbin Fisher himself ~ is a guy by the name of ***** ******. He can be contacted at *********************.

    Edited by Men of Porn – Just to be on the safe side. I had to remove the name and email. I was told I could be held liable for it.

  6. I’ve read comments before on other blogs/forums that CF probably runs their own high-end exclusive under-the-radar escorting service. Sounds realistic and that might account for the no public escorting ban.
    I’d bet that many of the retired models that apparently still work at CF are there because they also escort for these exclusive clients and this could include guys like Dru, Travis, Dawson etc. Corbin Fisher and the guys that work for them probably send out red herrings to keep it all as discreet as possible.
    From what I’ve learned about the way that prostitution works particularly with very wealthy men on the dl, it seems like it could be true.

  7. Politicians. And yes that is probable. Of course Jason Gibson most likely demands that they give him a free sample to insure that they are up to par.
    Have to make sure they can get it up for trolls.

  8. Probably got more to do with the fact of the risk of bringing STI’s in the group of models. Although CF has a strict testing policy even the most advanced tests do not give 100% certainty. There is always a window of opportunity. We all ‘know’ that the pressure to have bb sex in the escorting business is massive. So in my opinion it is a sound decisions to forbid models who are under contract to escort. I think the model in question forgot to read the small print section of his contract.

  9. “The guy in charge of Corbin Fisher ~ the Corbin Fisher himself ~ is a guy by the name of J**** G*****”
    I wonder whether that post of yours will be edited soon!

  10. I can’t believe no one has talked about his ass in that picture!!!!! It makes me all horny horny!

  11. You know, I don’t think I would be that surprised if CF does runs their own high-end exclusive under-the-radar escorting service. Why? Even the owner of the porn model agency LA Direct Models – home to Danny Mountain, Ryan Driller and formerly Rocco Reed – has his own escorting service.
    One guy who used to be a producer or director or someone working behind the scenes in straight porn said in his reddit AMA that many of the female porn stars are prostitutes.

  12. Highly unlikely that CF runs such an escort service since the guys mentioned here are now either married, have kids, have started a new career, or any combination thereof.

  13. Actually Count, that makes perfect sense, seriously. Never thought of that, but likely very true! Thanks!

  14. Unless you are close friends with them, I wouldn’t rule it out completely. There are definitely prostitutes, male & female, that are married & have a child/children and this doesn’t have to be full-time work. And for the ones who are allegedly still behind the scenes at CF, why would that prevent them?
    If you are judging by what they present to you on social media about themselves and their personal lives, it’s rarely the full picture of how things really stand. A good high-end prostitute would know how to keep things on the dl or he would lose his clients.
    And for the longer-term guys, they get used to being surrounded by luxury when they are doing porn at CF (seems like a smaller-scale Playboy mansion at times) and we’ve heard many times that they have a hard time going back to ‘normal lives.’ In this internet age almost none of the guys that have done enough porn to become a recognizable name will have the ability, education, proper work experience etc. to become (let alone stay wealthy) on their own in non-porn industry mainstream/above board jobs. Porn on your resume is still a taint for most employers and/or customers/clients. Continuing to pull in some good, quick money (through CF) with these very rich dl guys isn’t a big stretch from what they already do/have done on camera.
    As far as Corbin Fisher, this is only speculation, but they are in the sex business, so it doesn’t seem far-fetched but a very lucrative opportunity.

  15. Bloody Hell Jam I did not know this. This is really interesting and probally true Corbin keeping those hot young guys in constant buisness getting fucked on the down low lucky clients. No wonder Taylor buisness on the side was pulled quickly although paying $2000 a night I dont think he is worth this amount.

  16. Sorry Taylor/Braydens add was pulled and I hope that some of those horny clients got to sample his hot cakes as that bubble butt is fine. I do hope if he is not going to escort lets hope his back on Corbin to be plowed good and proper..

  17. I’m confused….who is Brayden? Brayden from CF or was this another alias of Taylor’s?

  18. Yeah, another alias. CF Taylor used the name “Brayden” on the escort site. CF Brayden isn’t in the picture here.

  19. I highly doubt the ad was real in the first place. The so called escort site listed is a total scam. It’s been linked several times to other so-called models and each time their ad has “disappeared” after gaining attention. Their tactic is to find personal pics of someone, make a fake escort ad and attract internet traffic.
    I know a model who used to do porn and he sometimes complained about fake escort ads that were put up on both well known escort sites and little known ones.

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