Taylor out of Corbin Fisher? (tip @ John Doe)

Taylor was introduced by Corbin Fisher last October 2013 and his last scene released was last January 2014.




He joined Jacob of Corbin Fisher just last Tuesday at Georgies Bar (New Jersey) working as a Go Go dancer. Included in the description was “This Tuesday at Georgies Sean Cody Porn Stars!


At Georgies bar, Taylor showed a new tattoo on his back.


The tattoo was not present in his most recent scene with Kennedy at Corbin Fisher.


But, the tattoo was present in his escort ad. According to John Doe (via email) “My friend also talked with him and says that he mentioned being an escort for planetjockboys (now gone) now and he would be willing to do anything listed on his profile.

[The image was removed.]

In or out of Corbin Fisher?