Hottest Corbin Fisher model of 2014

Here are the list of guys you nominated for the hottest Corbin Fisher of 2014. Keep in mind there was only one rule – he should have been introduced in 2014.

Just click each image to open to the post I made on the model or it links to their CF profile.

Corbinfisher_hottestguys_anders Corbinfisher_hottestguys_brandon
Corbinfisher_hottestguys_cal Corbinfisher_hottestguys_camden
Hottestguy_corbinfisher_christian Hottestguy_corbinfisher_colt
Hottestguy_corbinfisher_declan Hottestguy_corbinfisher_ellis
Hottestguy_corbinfisher_emerson Hottestguy_corbinfisher_ezra
Hottestguy_corbinfisher_hayes Hottestguy_corbinfisher_james
Hottestguy_corbinfisher_jonathan Hottestguy_corbinfisher_lance
Hottestguy_corbinfisher_liam Hottestguy_corbinfisher_noel
Hottestguy_corbinfisher_palmer Hottestguy_corbinfisher_pierce
Hottestguy_corbinfisher_rowan Hottestguy_corbinfisher_tatum

Who is your favorite this 2014? The top 3 will compete with 4 other studios for the Hottest model of 2014.


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