POLL Hottest Corbin Fisher model of 2014

Here are the list of guys you nominated for the hottest Corbin Fisher of 2014. Keep in mind there was only one rule – he should have been introduced in 2014.

Just click each image to open to the post I made on the model or it links to their CF profile.

Corbinfisher_hottestguys_anders Corbinfisher_hottestguys_brandon 
Corbinfisher_hottestguys_cal Corbinfisher_hottestguys_camden 
Hottestguy_corbinfisher_christian Hottestguy_corbinfisher_colt 
Hottestguy_corbinfisher_declan Hottestguy_corbinfisher_ellis 
Hottestguy_corbinfisher_emerson Hottestguy_corbinfisher_ezra 
Hottestguy_corbinfisher_hayes Hottestguy_corbinfisher_james 
Hottestguy_corbinfisher_jonathan Hottestguy_corbinfisher_lance 
Hottestguy_corbinfisher_liam Hottestguy_corbinfisher_noel 
Hottestguy_corbinfisher_palmer Hottestguy_corbinfisher_pierce 
Hottestguy_corbinfisher_rowan Hottestguy_corbinfisher_tatum 

Who is your favorite this 2014? The top 3 will compete with 4 other studios for the Hottest model of 2014.

29 thoughts on “POLL Hottest Corbin Fisher model of 2014

  1. Uh why is Brayden on there? He was introduced way back in 2013. That’s some shoddy porn blogging you’ve got going on there, Denz… ;p

  2. I think the hottest is Colt. He is a beautiful muscular guy with a sweet personality. He is great as a top or bottom. Check him out on Flirt4Free, if you want to see what a sweet friendly guy he is.

  3. I agree with U – Andrew.
    Colt looks good with some added muscles…and indeed one of the friendliest Corbie on webcam. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. I voted for COLT, for several reasons….but here’s TWO of the most outstanding. (1) He’s CUTE and ever so handsome in all of his photo shoots. (2) Has one of the cleanest shaven (but I think it’s natural), butt-holes @ CF.
    If I had to chose the BEST video from CF or 2014,…it will be “ADAM Cums In COLT” (04-SEP-2014). This scene’s videography deserves a 5-star and I think Connor was the cameraman. (Nice shots of Colt’s gaping hole when Adam extracts his cock.) The last time I saw that sort of scene was Chandler Fucking Kent @ CFSelect.
    Just for the record; I also liked Noel, Declan and Tatum
    “Happy Holidays Everyone”… especially to all the ” CORBIES “!!….and lets not forget DENZ,..who makes MofP possible.

  5. Hi DENZ, From what I’ve gathered, I thought ME and two others were the only people that voted for Christian,…therefore really didn’t think he made the cut, and presumed he came in LAST PLACE.
    However,,…I DO appreciate seeing his NAME added to the list. They ALL deserve to be WINNERS,..SINCE dropping your pants in front of a camera takes “BALLS”. lol!!

  6. Glad to see Colt getting about 25% of the votes in a strong field of 20 models. 2014 has been a good year for gay porn and for CF, SC and Bel Ami in particular.

  7. Easy. Camden and Declan. Both insanely hot. I usually don’t bother with solos, but Declan is so pretty I don’t mind watching his, and Camden’s duo with Colt totally does it for me (even though Colt doesn’t).

    AFTER reading everyone’s VOTES and COMMENTS,…. my conclusion is; THANK GOD >> “Beauty Lies In The Eyes of the BEHOLDER”!!,…or NONE of these CORBIES would make the GQ Magazine COVER. LOL!! LOL!! LOL!!
    I will concede that the “GOOD OLD DAYS” of Lucas, Cody, Dawson, Cade, Derek, Kip, Gage, Caleb, Travis, Zeke, Elijah and Dante are now HISTORY.
    Thank goodness we still have Connor and Josh or I wouldn’t be able to recognize the CF-Website. LOL!!

  9. I am vindicated by seeing that Anders was the lowest rated guy in your poll. There is something wrong with his face. It doesn’t look symmetrical. Colt is almost as hot as the stars from the heyday of Corbin Fisher ( Travis, Dawson, Jeff, Chandler, Aiden, Dru, etc.), although he appears to be one of those people who has to be really really lean to look his best. When he gained 7 pounds or so he definitely became more ordinary in looks. His face loses it’s definition.

  10. Why are folks voting for models who did solos months ago and are clearly not coming back to do action scenes????
    Do you all really like the solo only models better than the models who have come back and taken cock?

  11. Happy to see COLT with a substantial LEAD in the votes. WOW!!
    However, I do not care for his NEW HAIR STYLE in his recent release with Marc “Colt Pumps Marc’s Hole” (18-Dec-2014) and he could tone- down his physique a bit to keep with his boyish-good looks.
    I’m expecting a lot of scene with Colt in 2015,…and indeed a “Happy New Year” LOL!!!
    “Happy Holidays – GUYS”!!

  12. Miles II,..was Charlie from RB,..and was a bit surprised his name was NOT on the 2014 CF voting roster. (I’m certain DENZ had his reasons)
    His video with Kellan was a 3-Star (ORAL/BJ) but paired two former RB’s (Miles was Charlie Pattinson and Kellan was called Cody Blackford back in August 2009).
    Looking back on CF’s History…there was a time that Corbin would only hire FRESH MEAT,..and NEVER models from another studio. Delighted that policy DIVERSIFIED,..and now features HOT JOCKS from other well established STUDIOS. 🙂 🙂

  13. Declan OBVIOUSLY got more votes than Rowan (159 to 142). So why didn’t Declan move up to the finals instead of Rowan??

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