Currently in jail Cliff Jensen with Luke Adams at MEN

MEN just released the scene of Cliff Jensen and Luke Adams.


The scene was filmed last November 2014.


Cliff was suppose to return filming last January 2015 for MEN but it was cancelled.


Unfortunately, Cliff will be off from porn since he is currently in jail. Someone is tweeting in his behalf for a possible Go Fund Me campaign.


As for Luke Adams, if you want to get to know him more, he does answer questions from fans.

  • He had a handful of ex boyfriends. This week, he passionately kissed someone.
  • He started his gay porn career via his friend.
  • He doesn’t like double penetration, he thinks it could kill him 🙂
  • His advice to would be bottoms is do squats.
  • He rides a Suzuki GSX-R 600.
  • He has done bareback (private life, I presume).
  • He has a racial preference when it comes to sex.


14 thoughts on “Currently in jail Cliff Jensen with Luke Adams at MEN

  1. Gay porn is jam-packed with drama – the stars, the wannabes, the studios. But of course, we gay porniacs kinda bring it, too. Epiphany.

  2. luke is sexy….i do not care about his racial preference as an older black man I would not have a chance to date him anyway I love watching him have sex that is enough for me

  3. Cliff is an interesting example of the G4P stereotype. I “rented” him a couple of times while still in CA. He is kind of a doofus but was boyishly charming. He clearly has a marijuana problem. Most of his legal troubles stem from that with a couple of exceptions. His extradition is to Florida for a drug related parole violation I believe. He mentioned it as something hanging over his head the last time I saw him. He is just another straight guy with a big dick who came from a poor background and discovered that gay men would pay money to suck his dick. For him it was easy money. The next step was porn, even easier money. He is a walking stereotype. It is unfortunate that he does not use the talents he does have because the the trajectory he is on is almost a gay porn cliche.

  4. “doofus” has talents?
    Wonder what his wife thinks about all this?
    Also too bad about his hair….seems he’s losing it and is going to totally be bald soon. Who knows he may be able to reboot with a bald look.
    Also…DP’s don’t kill people. Guns and drugs do.

  5. You actually paid him a couple of times just to suck his cock? Was that the extent of the encounter? No give and take, no reciprocity? Seems pretty meaningless and shallow to me. Hopefully not many gay men pay straight guys just so they can suck their cocks.

  6. I can never figure out how the wife would be happy with the husband making a buck in gay porn. Maybe they are a pair of doofii (pl. of doofus?)

  7. I find your attitude amusing. How do you know what we did or not do? I can say I didn’t fuck him but there wasn’t anything else he didn’t do. (I suspect with a substantial amount of more money I could have had that as well.) I don’t quite understand your faux condescension. You are writing on a porn blog after all and porn is simply 2 dimensional prostitution. At least I had a real body to play with and not just my dick and a screen. I enjoyed my time with Cliff enough to go back again. I had more disposable income back then and consider the sex I had like a fine wine or a good cigar – simply a pleasure to be enjoyed. Don’t you get dizzy up there on your high horse?

  8. Clearly you have no idea what psychoanalyzing even means. I said nothing about what was or is going on inside of Cliff’s head or his motivations. I simply stated the facts as I saw them directly from my own experience. I enjoyed my time with him. I do think it is sad that like many other G4P performers he is treading a well worn path that is known to most of us. Just look at the number of G4P performers that have mugshots. Next time if you’re going to try to insult someone know what you’re trying to say. Your post just makes you seem ignorant and judgmental.

  9. He is not married but he does have a girlfriend goes by the name Kirra. A few websites are noting that she is the one that called the cops and informed him where he (as a fugitive) was. Cliff cheated on her and got another girl pregnant so she got pissed off and told Florida where to find him.

  10. Do you have the guys mixed up? Cliff has plenty of thick hair it’s Lukes that is thinning and balding. As for his wife…. I don’t think that he and Ms. “Kirra Moon” are actually married. Though her facebook posts don’t lack effort of her marking her territory, while he in turn only has a half a handful of photos with her on his page. I don’t blame him, I would be embarrassed to have photos w her as well. She is by far the least attractive girl that he has been with. He’s had gf’s that were porn stars, Super Models, Sexy foriegners, fitness models now he’s downgraded to this train wrecked crack head. Could be why he derailed.

  11. I heard from another pornstar that Cliff is good friends with (often takes photos with and chills with in real life) that Kirra Moon actually had a couple of Crystal Meth overdoses. Paramedics had come to her house the day after Thanksgiving and Cliff thought he was gonna get taken into custody then but it was really just that the skank couldn’t handle her drugs.

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