17 thoughts on “Cum in your face for Trevor Laster

  1. Maybe Trevor’s decided it was about time to find a real man, not a girl. Jackson reminded me of a girl every time he would speak.

  2. Oh come on….really? “reminded you of a girl”. NEver underestimate what someone is attracted to.
    Also…Jackson Taylor was doing bareback and clips for TIM….maybe that’s what broke them up.
    Or maybe…Trevor’s a demanding partner.
    Who knows.

  3. Some people mentioned the fact Trevor worked for CM which focuses on bareback sex and Jackson for TIM. How can somebody in their perfect mind compare Chaosmen to Treasure Island Media? Everyone knows that a great deal of people who work for TIM in their videos are open about their poz status and Chaosmen wouldn’t allow a model to have sex with someone who is HIV positive unlike TIM. Some stupid and thoughtless comparisons, I tell ya.TIM is one of the few companies left who really produces top-shelf gay material and shows gay sex had to the extreme, but they encourage people to practice unprotected sex.

  4. I think it was Trevor who broke things off with Jackson after wanting them both to stop doing porn but Jackson was not ready to stop. So I guess single Trevor decided to return to doing porn. He seemed a bit possessive when they were together.

  5. Maybe the break-up was due to that hideous tattoo all over Laster’s back. You could barely make out where the skin was with this guy and Kafig for all the fugly tatts.

  6. TIM does not pair poz models with negative models against thier will, and if they are encouraging people to bareback then all bareback porn is guilty of that but then those who decide to bareback because they saw it in porn are obviously not very bright because you don’t go murdering someone cause you saw a murder in an action movie do you?

  7. Yes! I love murdering chickens. I wring their necks, cut them open with a knife, wait for them to bleed their lives out, pluck their feather and tada dinner’s ready! I’ve learned it all on tv.

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