Jackson Taylor “We will no longer shoot individually without the other”

Jackson Taylor [twitter] is currently in a relationship with Trevor Laster [twitter].

Jackson_taylor_LOVES_trevor_laster_01 Jackson_taylor_LOVES_trevor_laster_02

In an interview at Gay Demon published last November 25, 2012, Jackson Taylor mentioned they will no longer shoot individually without the other.

Anthony: What else is coming up for the two of you? Trevor, will you continue shooting with Southern Strokes or are you staying with Next Door Studios? Jackson, have you found your home with Next Door Studios, or have other studios approached you? Any full length films coming up for you guys in the future? I mean it worked for the Jarics for a while, just don’t go down the same path please because you guys are too hot together šŸ™‚Ā 

Jackson: Who are the Jarics? Right now we have decided to market ourselves as a couple, meaning we will no longer shoot individually without the other. If studios would like to add another or so that’s fine, but we will not shoot with other models alone. I would love to work with Next Door Studios same as Falcon/Raging Stallion. Both companies have surprised me with the way they work.

SO FALSE! They changed their minds after the interview since Jackson Taylor was offered work by Falcon Studios.

It was shared recently on twitter by Angel Rock that Jackson shot a scene for Falcon Studios early this month without Trevor Laster in sight.