Flip fuck with former RB Sean Zevran & former SC Ryan Rose

Sean Zevran and Ryan Rose are both exclusive of the Falcon Studios Group. The two were paired in a flip fuck [gallery] for the movie America’s Finest from Raging Stallion.


On twitter, Ryan (32k) has more followers than Sean (23.6k).

Sean is currently filming for Falcon Studios.

Sean started at Randy Blue while Ryan started at Sean Cody.

Thenow_seanzevran_01 Thenow_seanzevran_02 
Thenow_pierce_aka_ryanrose_01 Thenow_pierce_aka_ryanrose_02 

9 thoughts on “Flip fuck with former RB Sean Zevran & former SC Ryan Rose

  1. Obviously Ryan isn’t as pretty as Tom Brady, not many guys are. However Ryan has a far more beautiful and muscular body than Tom.

  2. Gonna have to agree with the guys, dude looks nothing like TB.
    That dude is flawless face wise! Tom Brady I mean not Ryan Rose.
    It sounds bitchier than I mean it to be but I can’t word it any other way so compliments… Ryan Rose has a great body. Plus his work at Seancody I still sometimes get off to. 🙂

  3. The only thing Rose has in common with Tom Brady is the fact that their eyes are set close together and they both look a little….how do you say….special.

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