Abram of Corbin Fisher is now Abram Hoffer of Broke Straight Boys

Abram was introduced by Corbin Fisher last January 2014. He only had a str8 scene.


He became Abram Hoffer when Broke Straight Boys introduced him last November 2014. So far, he had an oral scene with Tyler White.


He is one of the guys that currently represents the boys of Broke Straight Boys this 2015 that had Drake Tyler (Easton), Trevor Laster, Brady Bennett, Vadim Black, Chandler Scott, Zander Floyd (?) & the second guy standing from the right.


11 thoughts on “Abram of Corbin Fisher is now Abram Hoffer of Broke Straight Boys

  1. Wish CF-Abram the best @ BSB….and at least he’s getting blown by a guy this time. LOL!!!
    PS: I’ll presume Abram did not enjoy Las Vegas. LOL!!!
    THANK U – DENZ for the sharing. 🙂 🙂

  2. I hope Abram does a lot more. The fact that he’s in BSB’s promotional material after so long is a good sign. He clearly returned to the studio. The question is whether he’ll drag his feet to kiss, suck dick, fuck, and get fucked.
    Also, this is the most attractive BSB cast in a little while.

  3. Looks like Clays vids may have been deleted from CF site? Maybe temp or maybe not?

  4. Just checked CF website. If you search for Clay and Wes, you get Wes’ profile, but no scenes, and this Clay is no longer found on the CF website. He vanished from CF, but not our hard drives!

  5. BSB has a scene with Abram topping Zander Floyd to be released on 15 April. Will be interesting to see how he goes.

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