4 thoughts on “Paul Canon on Broke Straight Boys

  1. Paul is def. one to watch – so hope he can break out of the BSB ghetto, but man on man, wish I knew some deets…. his MEN scene was amazing, and really excited about seeing him paired with Markie, one of my favorites….

  2. I wanna hear more about BSB and why they were so awful.
    Meanwhile….THAT other blog posted a really hot pic of Paul and his husband Damien Kyle. What a hot couple!

  3. If it is a legitimate marriage commitment and not just a career move, I genuinely wish them all the best. And you’re right the picture you mention is pretty sensual. It seem a little weird though that Paul still consistently refers to Damien as his “boyfriend”. Also he still refuses to call himself gay. I would think that marrying another guy is about as gay as one can get. He is either in one of the worst states of denial I’ve seen in a long time or the marriage is more of a conscious career move than a loving, long term commitment. Only time will tell. In the meantime, I will give him the benefit of the doubt and wish them a long, loving marriage.

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