31 thoughts on “Will you be watching? 4 days of Johnny Rapid

  1. Hell No Johnny Rapid is disgusting in porn and what he does in his life beating his gf. His dick is gross and he is just disgusting in my opinion, they are wasting scene slots on this asshole.

  2. Anything with Scott Harbor I will watch. Anything with Jimmy Johnson is not really a sex scene, it’s more like watching paint dry. The others not sure.

  3. So, is this straight out of prison and back on his back? From being on his back in prison, or are these old videos?

  4. ah no never cared. Seeing as how he has many of scenes out and they are all from MEN can anyone suggest any scene you thought stood out from the rest. Any scene that had some lvl of passion, few edits or long takes without an edit…..
    Has he had any loads on the face yet ?

  5. You know it is like when you found out that Santa and the Easter Bunny where not real when you were a kid, it sort of took the magic out of those holidays.
    I suppose the same could be said of Johnny Vapid now knowing what I know really not that interested.

  6. I’m not sure where this “Johnny Rapid was in prison” story got started. He was never in prison. He spent only a brief time in jail and ultimately was charged with a misdemeanor battery charge. I don’t know if these charges have been dealt with yet but he is very unlikely to be given any jail time much less prison. He is undoubtedly a jerk and needs to go away. But much could be gained by understanding his ability to tolerate and at times seemingly enjoy being penetrated anally by dozens upon dozens of guys while maintaining his “straightness”. To be fair I don’t doubt that he prefers women. I also think it is unlikely that he has consensual sex for free with men off camera. But he was too comfortable performing the sex on camera not to have had previous experience. That experience, unfortunately, may have been more of the “Deliverance” variety than from consensual sex or even prostitution starting at an early age. The white trash stories that could explain all this boggle the mind.

  7. Ask Seahawksfan. He seems to explain everything in a manor which it is perfectly acceptable. lol

  8. It will be interesting to see how he’s received; if they will keep him around or not. I will say it’s been pretty boring without him. Rafael Alencar was my only other reason for staying around, and he’s not around anymore.
    I do appreciate his work as a bottom.

  9. Oh so it’s okay since it was just a misdemeanor? Beating you wife is beating your wife no matter how you slice it. I won’t be watching any of his scenes.

  10. Wasn’t he also arrested for trying to have sex with a 14 year old? That’s why he hit his wife, right? I can’t believe MEN would continue to employ him. But I guess he’s their cash cow and there are enough gays that love him.

  11. “while maintaining his “straightness”
    In an interview with some gay porn site he described himself as other : Neither straight nor gay. Nor bisexual.

  12. Exactly where did I say it was OK to beat his gf? Are you just trolling or do you not comprehend English very well? I was simply stating the facts of his case not making a judgment on their appropriateness. Domestic violence is abhorrent. I assumed I wouldn’t have to be explicit to this crowd since I assumed, apparently incorrectly, that that is a given.

  13. Keyword, or in this case key phrase, is “gay porn site”. He is marketing himself in the best way his white trash background allows him to. The phrase “you are who you fuck for free” applies very well here. And be careful when you relish his use of the word “other”. He might just mean very underage girls, i.e. pedophilia.

  14. Well I like Johnny but he needs to step it up in his scenes, his positions and moans they are predictable much like Kurt Wild became.

  15. Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy were also attractive. They still were criminals. And before someone says it’s a bad comparison, Dahmer also tried to have sex with 14 year olds.

  16. I HATE this GUILTY until proven innocent society our society has become!
    That said, let the charges be pressed against Rapid, and innocence or guilt prevail.
    BUT if he tops I will certainly watch!

  17. No,NO,No !!!
    He is a fraud and cannot see what anyone sees in him. Takes his gay audience for a ride. In his 100 scenes he has never kissed once. GAY FOR PAY of the highest order – BOYCOTT< BOYCOTT !!

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