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I got an email from an individual who is tweeting in behalf of Cliff Jensen "Cliff is a regular reader of your site and he wanted you to know, and tell his fans, that due to a non-violent victim-less crime he committed when he was 18 years old that he has been jailed until next year. He intends to stay in shape while in jail and to return to acting as soon as he is released. He appreciates all of the moral and financial support he has received from his fans. When there is any more information, including a release date, it will be on @LoveCliffJensen and will be sent to Men Of Porn."


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  1. There’s always a silver lining when things like this happen. Hopefully, this will give Cliff the time and focus for developing his body. He always had a sad-looking, adolescent chest. So hopefully he now has time to physically develop himself to look like he has a man’s body when he returns to porn. Wishing him all the best.

  2. While all of his tattoos are sad, I wouldn’t say his chest is sad and adolescent. He just generally looks like a skinny guy who is naturally tall and thin and probably doesn’t spend any time in the gym. Given the current trends with gay porn guys I’d rather Cliff not do anything and remain skinny versus all the juicing and ballooning up. It’s nice that most gay porn guys have gym bodies, but that doesn’t mean every guy has to look the same.

  3. So, what was this non-violent, victimless crime that he committed when he was 18? I’m guessing felony possession of marijuana? Given that our Cliff is a huge pothead. hehe
    It is pretty sad how many are in prison on drug charges. I pity the poor bastard born in Florida and advise them to get the hell out of there first chance they get.

  4. I had to Google him since I didn’t recognize the name, and scrolling through the pics the first thought I had was “Caught holding a dime bag…”

  5. I’ve always liked Cliff. And if the crime is for pit or something like that then most folks probably wouldn’t care. Although, that seems weird to be something the government would hold on to.

  6. So…straight out of prison and back into porn. Will he finally bottom me-wonders…and will he have in prison?

  7. Some research on Str8UpGayPorn refreshed my memory. Apparently, Cliff was arrested in Florida when he was 18 for stealing a golf cart and joyriding. I’m not an attorney nor did I conduct exhaustive digging. How does stealing a golf cart result in grand theft auto, a felony? At any rate, the rest of the arrests seem to either be pot related, domestic violence or violating parole. I think he’s now 25 and for some weird reason it’s taken 7 years to extradite him back to Florida, from Los Angeles, CA, for the joyriding ordeal. I also read that the altercation with his girlfriend, which resulted in the police being called, was resolved without charges being filed.

  8. Correction: He was 19 when first arrested and he’s 26 now. DOB 1-27-89
    The charges are on March 9, 10 & 14 2007 and he was sentenced July 21, 2008 for 3 counts of Grand Theft Auto, 2 counts of Criminal Mischief/Property Damage and 2 counts of something called BURGUNOCCSTRUC/CV OR ATT in Panama City, FL. I have no idea what that last abbreviation is. He was arrested in Walton and lived in Freeport, Fl.
    There’s a whole bunch of hearsay concerning domestic abuse and battery allegations. I’m not going to summarize all that. Too long.
    Does anyone know if he’s still with the straight porn chic Sienna Splash? Was she the victim of the alleged beatings?

  9. ugh. He is overrated, he should look into finding another line of work.
    Good riddance.

  10. I remember seeing him at a Starbucks maybe about a year go at the Grove. As a tall person he looked tall. Although the pictures make a persons body look fuller/bigger on film. He was warped up in the arms of some blonde female who looked far from a virgin. If I knew any better I wouldn’t doubt she was a step away from porn her self.
    So yea,I am sure he will be back to ‘acting’ sooner than later. In reality tho, who cares. I mean shit who needs or is missing another G4P porn star these days. He never turned me on before and seeing him in person didn’t exactly turn me on eaither. I am sure he apparels to some people but meh IDC you self loathings gay men can have em.

  11. Well, bravo for him responsibly and respectfully addressing his fans.
    I don’t get some of these “actors” who are so disrespectful to the people who pay their bills or even to other models. Do you think other professional “actors” like Brad Pitt or Julia Roberts could have the careers they do if they said the crazy shit that comes out of most of these porn guys mouths?
    Best of luck to Cliff…he’s never been one to ping my radar, but I may have to give him a second look now.

  12. That’s probably her writing his tweets.
    Also….NOT a victim-less crime. When I read victim less, solicitation comes to mind. But if you steal something, there is an owner and hence a victim.
    What’s that saying? “Sheep of the same fur flock in their own pack”…

  13. Wow, that’s how you get aroused? So, if a porn actor acknowledge his so called fans, that makes you hard and jerk off?

  14. More than likely “BURGUNOCCSTRUC/CV OR ATT” means he “attempted or try to commit burglary of an unoccupied structure” (Google is a wonderful thing sometimes)
    Personally, I liked some of earlier works.
    Not a fan of the fact he’s a pothead, but then again, drug usage seems to be a recurring theme actor’s private lives. Not all of them mind you, but it is a recurring theme.
    And to anyone who argues that drug usage or prostitution is a victim-less crime, I would argue the otherside of the coin on that.
    If you OD on a drugs, you are the victim. You’re dead. You just committed murder (labeled as suicide). Your family and loved ones are the victims.
    What about the families in South & Central America who have lost loved one because of illegal narcotics being moved by “mules?” (Google those terms together–you’d be surprised.)
    There is always a victim. Maybe not you. Maybe not someone you love. But somewhere, someone is a victim.
    Sorry for getting a tangent. Rant over.

  15. Well hopefully he does return to porn and this time bottom a la Sebastian Young! Although Seb had bottomed before, post his recent stint in the big house he made several more movies as a bubble butt bottom! Cliff has a nice enough ass to accommodate a big dick!

  16. Thanks for the googling. Why didn’t I think of that? hehe
    While I don’t smoke marijuana, I do know that there’s a huge difference between smoking weed and doing meth, coke and heroine. It’s impossible to OD on pot. Pot is safer than alcohol and in case you haven’t been paying attention, pot’s acceptance as both a medicine and leisure activity is spreading across the nation. A pot head might be annoying, but they don’t scare me.
    Sorry, but prostitution is a victimless crime. Stealing golf carts and breaking into buildings are not.

  17. Most uninteresting. “Victimless crime” is splitting hairs. Crime is what it is. There are many other porn models who are more interesting than this one.

  18. No, but I am attracted to people who seem to be nice. I just said I would give him a second look…not jerking off to him still though, if you are looking for an update.

  19. Right that was resolved, but then there were altercations again. With numerous other women. The last one resulted in her calling Florida and turning him in because he got another girl pregnant. According to the comment page on

  20. No he hasn’t been with Sienna Splash in years. Although he did post a copy of an apology letter she wrote to him about a year ago. The current girlfriend is a Miss Kirra Moon. A 20 year old Hollywood resident, who is an obvious drug user. She hash tags #molly on her posts (molly is another word for the drug extacy) and numerous sites are boasting her use of crystal meth. Looking at her photos she looks pale and strung out. Not surprising as it’s been rumored for years that Cliff uses hard drugs. The boards are also stating that Cliff got another woman pregnant so Kirra alerted Florida on where to find him.

  21. Thanks for the 411 Art. Is Kirra Moon a porn slag, too?
    I had not seen the rumours of Cliff doing hard drugs, tho I’m not surprised. I’m not really all that familiar with the negative effects of Molly? Surely, it’s not as bad as meth, coke and heroine. I have read a few things about ideas of using ecstasy therapeutically.

  22. On the Feb 7, 2015 post here on Men of Porn there is a story “Currently in Jail Cliff Jensen…” a comment below mentions that Kirra Moon has “had a couple of Crystal Meth overdoses” Cliff has posted a bunch of photos of Starbucks cups with hearts and xoxo’s on them so an educated guess would say that she works at a Starbucks. I highly doubt that she is in porn as she is quite unattractive.

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