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Adam Killian Takes A Load From Dylan James by Alias74

Muscle and bubble butt lovers rejoice – the new scene over at Lucas Entertainment featuring Dylan James and Adam Killian is just what the doctor ordered: LOTS of gaping hole shots, jiggling butt cheeks, balls-deep fucking, and sexy rimming action. And the best part of it? Both Dylan and Adam have some major chemistry. They practically devour each other and seem totally into each other’s bodies in an almost primal, preternatural way. It’s ball draining hot.


It helps that Killian, as a director and performer, knows what he’s doing. He growls, roars, and is the PERFECT slutty bottom – he backs up, twerks, shakes, jiggles, bounces, and fucks himself silly on Dylan James’ hot banana cock. Personally he’s not my type looks-wise (not sure what’s really going on with his face – injectables, surgery) but, Scene MVP.


Dylan James is the amalgam of all that’s hot in the porn industry – muscles, good looks, tats, huge cock, ROCKING TOP skills. He has a LONG way to go before achieving bottom status. As in other clips, here James literally just gets a cock in his ass. Period. Planted in him like a butt plug. For a whopping THREE minutes with very little thrusting and lots of moaning and pained expressions (his “in pain” bottoms face is quite unattractive). Another disappointing bottom stint for DJ. But when he turns on the fucking prowess, it’s MAGIC!


WANK WORTHY (for everything BUT James’ lame bottoming)