Is Truman out of Corbin Fisher? (tip @ Scottyo)

Truman did have porn experience before he worked at Corbin Fisher. He was introduced in 2013 and his recent scene was released last October 2014.





He is still doing live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free, using images from Corbin Fisher.


He created 5 days ago a twitter account under the name Truman Fisher. Corbin Fisher models does not have twitter accounts and his profile did not mention he was associated with Corbin Fisher. Does this mean he left Corbin Fisher?

I asked him about it on twitter via DM, waiting for a reply.

UPDATE Truman's twitter has been deleted. There is a comment from Robin that Truman mentioned in a live show the other day that he will shoot a scene for Corbin Fisher again.

17 thoughts on “Is Truman out of Corbin Fisher? (tip @ Scottyo)

  1. CF hasn’t released a scene with him for a long time and now that he’s publicly put himself out there i’m gonna assume he’s no longer with them. His F4F page still says he’s Truman from CF and he still has his CF pics up there, i wonder if CF is going to make him take them down.

  2. Personally,..I think it’s too early to confirm TRUMAN’s CF Departure. But if he’s breaking the CF’s copyright RULES,…his ASS could be on the line with Corbin. …. and a return appearance is highly unlikely.
    My opinion,,..Truman did great @ CF. … at least doing a full-circle and popped his cheery with Kenny back in Feb 2014. With a total of 19 episodes ( 13-ACM, 1-ACS, and 5-CFS-Exclusive ) I feel confident Truman has earn a slot to return to CF at will. ” I hope he does…and will view his absence to date in 2015 as simply “Hiatus” and R&R.
    Thanks “Scottyo” and DENZ for another SPOT-LIGHT on a Corbie. “LOVE IT”!!!! 🙂

  3. Who cares? He was boring as fuck. Even lesbian porn is more interesting than his scenes.

  4. No,that’s his profile.

    All CF models on f4f have fisher after their name and use pictures from the CF site- it’s condoned by the company as the company helped create their profiles

    I’ve always liked Truman.
    He’s so pretty.

  5. He is not breaking any rules…..all CF models on f4f had their profiles set up by the company.
    Now, If he were to use those pictures on an escorting site….that’s another story.

  6. I hope he continues to do work for CF. Love the guy. He is beautiful, muscular and a hungry bottom. His scene bottoming for the totally beautiful Colt was freakin off the charts sexy. In my fantasy world Truman and Colt marry, settle down and live happily ever after.

  7. I know that CF created the profile for him but if he’s no longer active with them and they make no more money of of his profile, because i’m pretty sure that CF takes a percentage of the earnings that their models make from web camming then i wonder if CF makes him take down the pictures or maybe they will terminate the profile and he has to create another one. The profiles were made for and if they tweet out that one of their models is live then you get redirected to that site and not F4F, Truman only tweets out his F4F page if he goes live. I hope i’m making sense. Personally i find him a very boring performer so if he has left CF then i don’t really care.

  8. Well he may be a bit boring himself in front of the camera but his scene partners still seem to create an overall good scene with him. Heck, he is beautiful and he does it ALL, which makes him aok in my book. If they could rev up his enthusiasm a bit as both a top and a bottom he will be awesome.

  9. Truman is one gorgeous sexy dude, no doubt about it. But he is porn DEAD WEIGHT – even some of the best Corbies can’t carry the scene with Truman’s dead fish antics. I’ve reviewed some of his scenes hoping the dude would improve but he is proof that some people just don’t make good porn performers despite their amazingly hot looks.

  10. Truman had a great body in his scenes but he didn’t seem to have much passion for what he was doing.

  11. Yes, it was the “Colt fucks Truman” scene where it was pretty clear that there was lots of pump action, but much of it was with Colt’s dick slapping Truman’s ass, not fucking it.

  12. If my memory serves me correctly, there was an article on here about the fake fucking between “Colt” (whom I personally love–A+ performer) and “Truman.” I think Truman was suppose to be fucked in a jockstrap, but you could notice his dick wasn’t in there while doing that.
    CF went back and edited out the fake fucking AFTER it was noticed.
    Not sure if Colt was having issues putting it in or if Truman wasn’t to thrilled getting Colt’s fat cock put into him.
    Either way, it either one’s best work.
    All that being said, Truman isn’t one of my favorites of CF. But in all fairness, he’s straight and doing “gay for pay.” So taking a cock obviously isn’t at the top of his roster of “favorite things to do.”
    But he’s earning money doing this, so Truman, please put forth a good effort and try to at least get into the scenes.
    As stated by a previous poster, don’t be DEAD WEIGHT.

  13. Correction on the above comment about Colt and Truman: Colt was suppose to be fucking Truman. And Colt was the one guilty of the fake fucking. Not Truman.

  14. Interesting that our comments were made a minute apart. I downloaded the scene in its original form and it was pretty obvious that Colt was “fake fucking” Truman. CF within the day re-edited that bit out and re-posted it.

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