16 thoughts on “With or without facial hair for Vadim Black?

  1. Maybe this means he wants to distance himself from all the insanity he was spewing on his last Twitter account. I hope so, because I do love me that li’l pocket rocket! As hairy as possible!!!

  2. WoW I really misread that title. I thought it read something along the lines of getting a load on the face. Guess not.
    Eh meh who cares. His porno’s are lame as fuck. Its the same weak gumby dick shit that’s been polluting the industry for some time now. He is just another small cute guy who takes great pictures.

  3. Vadim has beautiful eyes and a tight body that looks good when he bounces up and down on a dick. His own dick is a bit small, but he can’t help that. At least he is willing to do pretty well everything expected of a porn model, unlike some of the other fuckwits we’ve read about recently on this blog. Vadim seems to have found his place in the porn industry and appears to have learned that Twitter is better for reading rants of fuck-heads than sending your own stupid tweets.

  4. Either, as long as he just LEAVES. It’s also another sign of MEN.com’s decline that they’re continuing to work with grubbier and grubbier performers…and ones were severe problems.

  5. Definitely WITHOUT. Vadim has a cute face…so why cover it up with a facial fuzz. 🙁 🙁

  6. With or without facial hair, with old or new twitter name he still is a homofobe who the only thing likes in gay men is their money.

  7. Every actor, straight, bi or gay are acting in gay porn for the money. It’s a job.

  8. And once again, Andrew the self-hating faggot gay4pay lover ignores the fact that he’s a homophobe. Pathetic little bitch.

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