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A message from Cliff Jensen from prison

*** Sent by Cliff thru his friend, who now handles his twitter account ***

Provided that I remain on good behavior (which is hard for me but I am trying), I am almost half way through my prison sentence. Prison is nothing like it is portrayed in porn. It is hard work, long days, no freedom, and grueling conditions. Four days a week I dig ditches in 90+ degrees weather. The showers are not as clean as the ones in videos. I have been approached by guards in inappropriate ways but they don’t look like Christian Wilde.


I would like to thank my fans who have supported me with letters and money as they have both made my incarceration easier. Some of more eager fans have written me directly at the prison, including inappropriate materials, which jeopardizes my ability to earn gain time and secure an earlier release. As a reminder: please send all letters to:

Cliff Jensen – Pointpro 7095 Hollywood Blvd #688 Hollywood, CA 90028

Letters will be either forwarded to me or read to me based on content as allowed under prison regulations. No suggestive photos are allowed. Letters with incomplete addresses will be returned to sender. Donations to my commissary account can still be sent by PayPal to [email protected].


During this process I have learned a lot about myself and what I want out of life. I would like to remind people that my crime was non-violent and the only victim was a golf cart. I have made some poor choices in the past but shooting porn is not one of them. I still intend to return to acting upon completion of my sentence and I miss being in front of the camera. I appreciate that my fans are anxiously awaiting my return – so am I.