A message from Cliff Jensen from prison

*** Sent by Cliff thru his friend, who now handles his twitter account ***

Provided that I remain on good behavior (which is hard for me but I am trying), I am almost half way through my prison sentence. Prison is nothing like it is portrayed in porn. It is hard work, long days, no freedom, and grueling conditions. Four days a week I dig ditches in 90+ degrees weather. The showers are not as clean as the ones in Men.com videos. I have been approached by guards in inappropriate ways but they don't look like Christian Wilde.


I would like to thank my fans who have supported me with letters and money as they have both made my incarceration easier. Some of more eager fans have written me directly at the prison, including inappropriate materials, which jeopardizes my ability to earn gain time and secure an earlier release. As a reminder: please send all letters to:

Cliff Jensen – Pointpro 7095 Hollywood Blvd #688 Hollywood, CA 90028

Letters will be either forwarded to me or read to me based on content as allowed under prison regulations. No suggestive photos are allowed. Letters with incomplete addresses will be returned to sender. Donations to my commissary account can still be sent by PayPal to thecliffjensen@gmail.com.


During this process I have learned a lot about myself and what I want out of life. I would like to remind people that my crime was non-violent and the only victim was a golf cart. I have made some poor choices in the past but shooting porn is not one of them. I still intend to return to acting upon completion of my sentence and I miss being in front of the camera. I appreciate that my fans are anxiously awaiting my return – so am I.

33 thoughts on “A message from Cliff Jensen from prison

  1. “I have been approached by guards in inappropriate ways but they don’t look like Christian Wilde.”
    Awww, it’s so cute that he remembered his Men dot com scene with Christian. As an aside, it’s too bad that he and Christian didn’t have a complete duo scene, instead of just the 2-3 minutes in that 4-way scene with two forgettable guys.
    Maybe ole Cliff should have taken advantage of those “inappropriate” advances by the guards and improved his position and conditions.
    It’s also cute that he refers to porn as “acting”. But, I guess he does ACT like he likes dick, eh?

  2. He’s in prison in the state of CA right? CA prisons are known for being overcrowded, violent and dangerous due to gangs and stuff so hopefully he stays out of trouble till early release.

  3. Burglary and grand theft auto. My memory is bad and I can’t seem to find the details, but I think he broke into a country club maybe and then stole a golf cart and went joy riding in Florida.
    Then there’s some charges of parole violation and he basically fled Florida to avoid incarceration and after several years it finally caught up to him in California. They were slow to extradite him back to Florida so he could go to prison.

  4. I’m not making generalizations about any sex worker who goes to prison…but if he’s not having sex in prison, I’d be staggered!

  5. I’m sure it’s not at all glorious as it is in your mind. Furthermore many of those guys have diseases. And you don’t get PREP handed to you in prison

  6. I don’t get why we allow rape in prison and then act all moral about it in every other real situation. It just feels with double standards as such, no wonder people don’t take it seriously. (I know it’s more than that, but really, socially we treat rape in prison it’s just a fact of life that no one can do anything about) Is this the state of our judicial system??

  7. “Donations to my commissary account can still be sent by PayPal”
    Wow, even in prison, there is a was to beg for money…

  8. People just don’t care about the state of our prisons because they feel like the prisoners deserve said abuses. The moment any politician tries to improve prison conditions they get accused of being “soft on crime” and no one wants to look “soft on crime” in a country (USA) that over-criminalizes and jails citizens for too many non violent offenses.

  9. Hey asshole– you tip your waiter and barber and stripper for the work they do, don’t you? Why not tip your fucking porn star? Even if you don’t want to, why don’t you NOT accuse those workers who attempt to reach out to those of their fans that WANT to tip of “begging.” Why is this board SO FUCKING FULL of assholes who seem to hate porn stars?

  10. I don’t like to make fun of people’s disgrace but this criminal is paying for what he did in the past and it amazes me people still stick up for an outlaw who hit a woman physically weaker than him and committed grand theft. As long as it wasn’t them who cares about the victims eh? Let’s hope he’s changed and won’t make the same mistakes once he’s out.

  11. “these guys”? Porn models? How many of the thousands of guys who have done porn do you actually know anything about?

  12. I’d try a different analogy.
    No one is going to tip their waiter, barber or stripper in jail.
    Yes, it’s a tough crowd around here but that still doesn’t change the fact he’s begging.
    As for tipping, a lot of people resent the explosion in the last several years of everyone serving the public who has decided they need tips and put up a tip jar. Service jobs suck. The economy sucks. Minimum wage sucks. But where do we draw the line? McDonald’s, Walmart and all the rest of the cashiers should put out the tip jar?
    This is only part of the culture of begging.

  13. Save your sanctimony and righteous indignation.
    There are multitudes of examples of people putting down others…this isn’t one of them.
    He said that even in prison there’s a way to beg for money. Who here that finds themselves in financial need is going to turn to strangers on the internet? Does one make a list of everyone they know and send out a group plea for financial support? Or do you talk to them one by one?

  14. “Tough crowd” indeed. If the prison where he is is anything like the ones I’ve visited or seen inside of first hand, I sincerely wish him the best and hope he gets out unscathed. That said, I suppose you do the crime, you do the time….even if your victim is a….golf cart (which actually makes no sense at all. The “victim” is the owner of said property).

  15. Tall, hot, biggus dickus, butch but intellectual lightweight confusing marijuana and prostitution, victimless crimes, with stealing.

  16. I totally agree. My pet-peeve: I see no need to tip my coffee barista when I buy my $5/6 Americano….yet, they place that tip jar as if the up charge for coffee beans, hot water and the :30 seconds it takes to make the drink deserves some extra expense on my dime.

  17. The New Guy quote:
    Luther: High school is a lot like prison: Bad food, high fences; the sex you want, you ain’t gettin’, the sex you gettin’, you don’t want. I’ve seen terrible things

  18. I don’t care about prison rape because I’m fine with criminals being miserable.
    If it’s a non violent offense and they get raped…well THEN they have my sympathy.
    But one violent offender raping another violent offender…don’t really give a shit.

  19. You tip your waiter and barber for the service they provide soon after they provide the service.
    They don’t expect you to donate to their paypal account while they are in prison. They’re good that way.

  20. I’ve never been tempted to have a prison boyfriend, but he could make me change my mind. He is so insanely hot. I hope he learns from his experience.

  21. not to worry, mate, bubba & his crew are probably tipping him with soap bars after he begs for their cum.

  22. Those who make lite of Cliff’s current situation should try it themselves. As a former prisoner of Florida I know what that system is like. I can only tell him to try and not get into trouble. Sometimes it takes a bigger man to walk away than stay and fight. If you are not touched then it is not important. Bullies always prey on those who respond in most part because they are cowards themselves.

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