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Cliff Jensen’s current medical condition (not a hoax)

*** This post was published last October 23 ***

Yesterday, the friend of Cliff Jensen sent tweets about an attack on Cliff in prison.

This was confirmed by Cliff’s friend, fellow porn star, Ty Roderick.

Here is the latest update according to his friend, sent to me via email.

Cliff was attacked in prison on Wednesday night. An investigation is ongoing by the FDLE but it appears that he was jumped by several other prisoners and was beaten unconscious. He was airlifted to the hospital about 45 miles away where they said he was not going to make it. The next day we got a court order to move him to a private hospital at our expense and this morning he started to breathe on his own. He faces a long recovery and it is unclear exactly what happened as he is not yet conscious to ask. He is expected to survive.

UPDATE Fabscout Howard confirmed that Cliff was beaten up in jail.