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Dolf Dietrich on Rocco Steele “seriously? If they only knew the real deal #bizarrebehavior”

First, there was Jed Athens who accused Rocco Steele of illegally dosing porn stars with Trimix. Now comes Dolf Dietrich who had a tweet about Rocco that had the hashtag #bizarrebehavior.

I asked Dolf for more info about the issue but he said he is taking the high road “I’d like like nothing more than to elaborate on the salacious details of mr steele’s unprofessional and unethical behavior recently… However, I’m going to have to take the higher road on this one.

Last September, Dolf did call a porn star, who was his idol, an absolute dick in real life. A porn star, who was also present in 2 events, did agree (via DM on twitter) with Dolf’s observation.

Rocco and Dolf were included in two scenes released by Lucas Entertainment, a duo & an orgy.


UPDATE This could be a reply from Rocco on the issue.