Noir Male is all about?

This is the definition of Noir at Urban Dictionary.


This was part of the email I received last week from Noir MaleThe Sexiest Black Males, The Hottest Sex, in Real Life Scenarios. NOIR MALE is a new premium gay brand that was created to showcase Black Men as they deserve to be seen – sensual, sexual and exploring real life encounters. The gay market has been void of any high quality interracial product that showcases Black males in a positive light….until now. We are moving away from the thug style scenarios, low end apartments etc … and creating a luxury brand that features high end locations, dynamic storylines, intense sex and the most beautiful men in the industry.

This was the screen shot shared by a porn fan about Noir Male, scheduled to go live in less than a day.



Max Konnor took to Twitter in defense of Noir Male.


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