Sean of Corbin Fisher as Anthony Pierce (tip @ Funny Bunny)

Corbin Fisher and 101 Modelling, known for hiring str8 porn stars, have recruited the same models.

Remember Tate (interview)? He had a solo & a str8 scene released by Corbin Fisher in 2012 and he is now known as Tyler Nixon (ex. Babes).




Another one is Lewis with a solo released by Corbin Fisher in 2013 who is known as Tommy Hawke (or Tommy Reeves) in str8 porn [gallery].




The latest is Sean, who won in his weekly poll, was introduced by Corbin Fisher last December 2020.


Sean was given the name Anthony Pierce by 101 Modelling. He now has a gay scene at Corbin Fisher.



11 thoughts on “Sean of Corbin Fisher as Anthony Pierce (tip @ Funny Bunny)

  1. Arguably the most successful move from CorbinFisher to straight porn – even after several gay porn scenes – is Timothy aka Oliver Flynn who is everywhere in straight porn even though he started roughly at the same time his CF scenes were out.
    And now Dante Cole (aka Ryder of CF) is doing straight-only scenes pretty regularly as well.
    So who knows? Mind be-a-changing.

  2. There are at last two more gay scenes with Sean (on top) to be released yet, one is a Threesome.

  3. Ahmm the article about him here is categorised as cross over pornstar and str8 stuff so go figure.

  4. Well exactly because this is about crossover porn star, some do come from straight porn, and Sean can fall into this category too! I hope you’re wrong and I need to see more of Sean riding some good dicks!

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