5 thoughts on “Czech Hunter is forgetful

  1. Or “Tom Singer” is forgetful. Maybe Karel Jozef hunts these guys, has sex with them and then wipes their memory so that they can be hunted all over again and not remember that they had previously been hunted. A form of ethical hunting – forgetful catch and release, but they suddenly have a lot more crowns (czk) on them than they started the day with.

  2. He’s wearing the same coat in 577 as he is in 489. They were probably filmed on the same day and I’m sure he earned a few cents for the time spent away from his wife and kids.

  3. Now that you mention Karel, I kinda wish I could see Tom’s ig and follow how he’s been enjoying a dick up his ass these past few years, maybe he misses it bad!

  4. They’re always bi, always gay…until you look them up on Facebook and they have wives, girlfriends and usually kids too.

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