Another relationship of Dolf Dietrich that did not end well *updated*

This post was first published last May 07, 2021.

Dolf Dietrich shared a photo of the message Drew Sebastian left on his bathroom mirror when the two broke up in 2014.


After Drew, Dolf married Hugh Hunter. The two separated but are still friends.

After Hugh, it was Jack MacKenroth and it did not end well.


UPDATE (May 28, 2021) Jack issued a public apology to Dolf.



63 thoughts on “Another relationship of Dolf Dietrich that did not end well *updated*

  1. Yep and you basically described the entire gay porn industry with that equation lol

  2. Good gawd… this guy sure loves to overshare on social media. Total trainwreck

  3. Jack needs help and I hope he recovers and all that but in my book he’s cancelled. He was already semi cancelled anyway but now he’s done. Dolf needs help too. He needs to figure out what his tastes are and find a healthier way to pursue relationships.

  4. I wish the gays would stop blaming drugs for everything… Some of y’all are just horrible, unpleasant people, that’s it. I do not feel sorry for this dumpster fire and I hope he’ll disappear altogether from everywhere

  5. What makes me laugh is after such HIDEOUS accusations and quite possibly actual crimes…they’ve both continued on like nothing happened. It’s as if deleted a Tweet, deletes it from history.
    If he’s a paedophile, then I want Dolf arrested. If Jack is a liar, then I want him to get some repercussions, instead of just continuing on like he didn’t say all that.

  6. Both of these guys are such a mess. However, it is wrong to make false claims of such a serious nature, nobody deserves that foolishness. I hope they both go for some personal counseling and get their issues in order. I’d suggest staying off social media as a first step.

  7. Jack – sadly, you wasted the talent and fame that your TV design fame provided. In addition, you are a grown man… stop blaming drugs for everything… maybe it is just you! Stop posting, get professional help and find a different career.
    Dolf – the Jack situation seems odd/wrong and maybe not your fault. However, I think it is time for a hard look at your own life. It seems like one messy break-up after another… that you keep posting about on social media. It looks like you will do anything for attention. How long ago was it that you made the big retirement announcement, only to be back a few months later after surviving in a traditional job? Counseling… try it!
    Both of you – stop tweeting all the ups and crazy downs in you life. It isn’t a good look from “grownups”.

  8. Two gross homophobic bisexuals killing/fighting each other? I want more <3 and that's the kind of drama I like.

  9. These clearly are not gay men, a male person who desire females is not gay in any form.
    That’s why I fucking dislike bisexuals, they like to gaslight the gay sexuality so much, they’re a bunch of (mostly) homophobic sociopaths.

  10. It’s all connected sweetie, whether you like or not, but apparently you’re a brainless TRA.

  11. You’re correct, a man who likes to have sex with mutilated women in testosterone are not normal in any form, they’re sexual deviants and they’re very likely to develop these paraphilias/disorders.

  12. Hang on…is Christopher Jack’s real name? Is that who he’s talking about, or is this another boyfriend?
    And “there’s no excuse for my behaviour…but I felt the need to include Trump and Covid into this statement.”
    And again, he’s not addressing the accusations. Or, is he blaming drugs on genuinely being a paedophile?
    What was the point in this?

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