17 thoughts on “Then & now on William Seed

  1. That’s a BRILLIANT way of describing him. There really is nothing to him. He goes through the motions, whether it’s topping or bottoming, with the most ridiculous sex faces of anyone in gay porn. You can’t take him seriously, because it’s so over the top and clearly fake. It would be more genuine to see him disgusted by what he’s doing, because he’s certainly not into it and that’s incredibly off-putting.

  2. I really don’t get what compels someone like him to keep doing gay porn. He clearly isn’t into it and everyone knows the industry’s rate per scene has collapsed to the point where gay performers are doing S4P and trans porn to survive. Men.com must have given him a sweetheart deal to keep going and keep him as an exclusive.

  3. One word – Steroids. Such a shame that hes so insecure that he feels compelled to to that.
    If only he would enjoy the sex.
    Ho hum

  4. Lol ok subscribe his OnlyFans. His girlfriend will be happy if you subscribe him ✨

  5. My guess is that it’s easy. He’s French/Canadian and gay4pay porn is RIFE there. Everyone he knows does it, has been recruited into it and it’s cheap and easy money. It’s clearly no skin off his nose, so he just does it. The same thing exactly for Markus Kage, Ryan Bones, Bo Sinn, Rocky Vallarta…they happen to be in Montreal, so gay porn it is.

  6. I prefer his old look,clean and healthier, same to most porn actors such as Johnny Hill, Sgt. Miles etc.

  7. He’s absolutely gorgeous. A God among men. Those who criticize him are just jealous.

  8. Hello-
    in the last photo he’s WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to buffed up.
    a total turn off.

  9. People who say William Seed into it obviously haven’t subscribed to his only fans. He bottoms and unlike some models his cock is hard when he gets fucked. William Seed never said he is gay. He definitely is close to another French Canadian model Ace Quinn and yes he fucks him raw. He fucked Pierce Paris raw on only fans. He also got fucked raw by Trent King.

  10. Rocky Vallarta is gay yes Montreal is the porn capital of Canada but it isn’t as easy as fans think. You got to be in really good shape or have connections. I don’t understand how Markus Kage is a porn model he has gained a lot of weight? Rocky said on his only fans Manuel Skye gave him help to get into gay porn. The porn as Rocky explained it is only a way to get recognized. The money is in only fans and of course male prostitution. Malik the young French Canadian model went to Dubai this year as did Pierce Paris. A lot of money to be made for male models from the rich closeted Arabs in the United Arab Emirates. Porn is a vehicle a launch pad for models a platform that’s it. On only fans Rocky explained the money isn’t great he has a day job.

  11. Rocky and Markus’ relationship is peculiar. They both share the Covid Conspiracy Theory, like and Tweet to each other incessantly and have made a lot of homemade sex tapes together.
    Markus though…he’s in a shocking state in the moment, with an epic and hobo beard. However sexy people found him before, with the strangely tipped penis, he’s certainly let himself go…and yet, he’s still getting work.

  12. Hey guy. I’m not greedy. I would just like an occasional William’s Seed deposit. His girlfriend is obviously not greedy either. She knows that the thuggishly handsome muscular William shares his seed with guys in porn. We all just have to be careful not to get too demanding and drain that hunk dry. LOL.

  13. I think he does okay, takes the d like a pro, seems to enjoy it. It’s acting, and if it gets you off, great – if not, move on. As for Markus Kage. There’s a massive market for the burley rugby type. He was fire when he started, now he’s rugged and sexy. Watching a beefy man take it is hotter than anything.

  14. A hard dick means nothing, Andy. They can inject their dicks with things like Trimix to get hard for scenes. It’s done all the time in the industry.

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