18 thoughts on “Kenny Salinger was Miro Malina (2015) at William Higgins (tip @ Larry)

  1. By whatever name: Kenny or Miro, he’s an awesome physical presence on the screen.

  2. ummmmm, so if Bel Ami says Kenny Salinger is 20, then Miro Malina was posing naked for them at the ripe young age of 15? Someone’s not telling the truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuth.

  3. It seems that he had a tat with William Higgins but it is gone in the pics with Belami. Belami to hide the tat would be weird considering the have sold the tat Kevin Warhol has had on his neck from the beginning. He is good looking in any of the pics but which studio he shot with first is worth asking. Finally, He is not 20 years old today. He might have been when those pics were taken as we all know that Belami will hold on to videos/pics for years before they release them. It does make for an innocent conversation piece.

  4. IDK Kenny looks like he’s several years younger than Miro, so I’m guessing that the BA photos date back to around 2012. BA probably made his age a couple of years older (he was really 18) and WH probably made his age a couple years younger (he was really 21).

  5. Wow he’s ripped!!! Thank goodness for all the gym work that Kenny did to naturally develop his muscular body.

  6. He’s probably dead. When a model dies studios hold off on putting their vids out for a while.

  7. I was totally being sarcastic, but they’re are some morons who would have come to that conclusion.

  8. Ding, ding, ding!!! We have a winner!!! This is the most stupid comment of the day!!!

  9. Maybe you should have put the comment in quotes or added a /s. Otherwise one can assume you are one of the morons who think all guys with beautiful ripped muscular bodies are on the juice.

  10. It makes him feel better about himself by labeling handsome young Slavic porn models as “whores.”

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