2 thoughts on “If you miss Jason Long

  1. No one likes solo’s but that’s Jason Long’s best showing.
    I missed his little splash into the industry back last year so I went back and checked him out. He’s very much my type so I looked forward to seeing him in action and getting to know him…at least that little tiny but you get in a solo.
    Well, there’s a reason he only showed back up twice after the solo. He’s impossibly straight. While he said he grew up in Italy, tho is NOT Italian (and not uncut), he has a Cali, Paul Walker sort of vibe. He speaks a bit of Italian in the solo to that dreadful troll French Canadian asshole that did a lot of their Casting vids. In the solo, his dick goes up and down but he comes and passes with flying colors. Tho funnily he said a couple times he’s straight and WILL NOT be interested in any gay for pay porn. Then we see him appear for Active Duty. While he’s that typical extremely limited straight guy in his first gay porn scene, I only get my dick sucked and I do not do anything else, not even touching any dicks, he did get hard and maintain wood thru the whole thing and even got a little verbal but sadly he didn’t even come in this video. It was a three way and his second action scene and last is back again with Scott Finn from the 3-way video. This time he fucks ass but it wasn’t clear if he actually stayed hard while doing it. He does come in this scene but it appears NOT with Scott Finn but edited in later during post production. Too bad! He was so hot.

  2. Ah, Paul Walker…gay4pay with bottoming galore, “retiring” to become a stuntman, get married and have a baby, but then putting on a balaclava, putting duct tape over his bicep to hide a tattoo and appearing on a friend’s OnlyFans as an uber-whore.
    I really wish he’d just take that off, because it’s so obviously him and he’s clearly cock hungry.

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