From English Lads to Lucas Entertainment for Craig Marks

Craig Marks is one of the 3 guys this year identified as gay in a sea of str8 guys at English Lads.


Craig had a scene with Ellis Smith, his boyfriend according to English Lads.



He is on location for Lucas Entertainment.

11 thoughts on “From English Lads to Lucas Entertainment for Craig Marks

  1. What a shame. Lucas is one of sleaziest studios.
    No payment, no testing, endless lies, fake “auditions,” penile injections…do these guys not chat to one another about how bad that studios is?

  2. I’m curious…who were the other two? And he never exactly screamed straight, but I’m also curious to know whether he’s a top, bottom or versatile. As John said though, what a shame he’s lowered himself to Lucas.

  3. I think they fuck on video for LE because it isn’t easy to find ‘ work ‘ in porn due to too many guys trying to enter ‘ the industry ‘. Today there are OF or JFF, Chaturbate and others but still…

  4. Coming from EL to Lucas is a huge improvement. And Lucas is still one of the worst sites out there. That is how bad EL is.

  5. Yikes it always sucks to see gay men get involve with the disaster that is LE.

  6. This is not smart has this man not heard what an asshole Michael Lucas is? Beau Reed took him to small claims court because he refused to pay him his 1k fee. Many models say there is no testing. And I am guessing this guy had to sleep with Michael Lucas to get the job?

  7. its the same queens going on about michael lucas he makes good porn.if he so bad why do so many hot guys join lucas,just enjoy.

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