Scenes at William Higgins only goes back till 2010 after the redesign of the site (tip @ Bucko)

There are currently 215 pages of scenes at William Higgins with the first scene dated June 01, 2010.


But, Wayback Machine has a screen shot of William Higgins since 2000.


And, if you were a member of William Higgins before the redesign, there was a link to the the site that gave you access to the archives way past 2000.

12 thoughts on “Scenes at William Higgins only goes back till 2010 after the redesign of the site (tip @ Bucko)

  1. Saw this coming when ole Bill died. Downloaded all the pre-2010 stuff. They had some great models Bjorn Gedda,Ladi,Karel Rok ect. WH current guys are all Prague train station rejects. Sad.

  2. Eh, its a business, and they want to stay in business. I’m sure they have statistics on how many times each individual scene has been accessed over the years and how much it costs to store the scene on some online server. If its not accessed enough to justify the storage cost, a prudent business person would have to expect the scene to be archived somewhere less costly offline. Wouldn’t most viewers want to see the business thrive and continue by keeping costs within reason so the business remains profitable?

  3. Tho old whshop was closed longtime ago and reopened on recnetly after they updated the homepage.And then they colsed maybe all old stuffs will be sold on the new whshop on

  4. On the other hand, there’s many (dozens?)gay porn sites who have been in business for 15 or 20 years, or more, who have everything they’ve produced online. What’s so hard? Every Internet site in existence, gay porn included, have undergone redesign and all have found a way to both present their entire collection in one place AND store the video files so they can be easily accessed by members. Often times in different formats, differing resolutions, different cuts, etc, for download or streaming, web or mobile, yada yada yada. Its how modern Internet websites function.
    It doesn’t make any sense to me at all for say William Higgins to think, Oh, we’re gonna make available only those scenes which are the most popular and the ones which aren’t, we’ll remove them. Because, you know, not many folks are interested in them so why have them?
    My guess is due to incompetence and not being professional the powers that be now in control of the site just simply didn’t spend the money to have the old content made available on the new site.
    I’m also old and fat and I’ve been around the porn industry for decades so when I subscribe to a site who has been around for a very long time I don’t like to see a line in the sand made where I don’t get to watch the content I know they made because they just didn’t think it was important enough.

  5. After the Pornhub/Xtube purge, my first instinct would be to think legal paperwork over cost. The cost of storing things online is basically lower than it’s ever been. Storing files that subscribers almost never access would cost the operator next to nothing.

  6. Forgot to add, this might be the same reason Mindgeek pulled down 2,000+ Seancody videos. That happened 6 months ago, and from what I can tell they still aren’t back on the site. Why would you deprive subscribers of the vast majority of the content if there wasn’t some serious concern about potential liability?

  7. I’m shocked that there are people here who like William Higgins… Their porn are one of the most boring ever (slavic gay porn in general), they fuck like robots and have no chemistry at all, and just looking at these thumbnails is laughable.

  8. Actually WH had some of the hottest handsomest men around. Not just euro twinks. Bodybuilders. Model quality guys like Tomas Salek. So what if they were G4P.

  9. Agree with you on this tho I have found the general quality since Bill’s death with a few exceptions to be going down. They have also drastically decreased new content tho that could be a function of covid and restrictions.

  10. Yeah they let anyone through the door now lol. The quality has gone down aside from a few new guys.

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