12 thoughts on “If you miss Alex Tanner

  1. Excellent return of this now buffed-out ginger who loves cock in the ass and mouth and who cleans up Brandon’s cum after being bred. Too bad Brandon didn’t return the favor.

  2. Alex Tanner is one handsome, hot, hung, muscular ginger. I love, love, love his fiery pubes.

  3. He does seem to love the D, so I hope that’s real, but I wish he’d get that terrible tattoo on his leg removed. It’s seriously distracting, plus wow…he would look good with more of that red hair and a longer, wilder haircut 🙂

  4. He’s a great performer, but also very clearly a user of Vitamin S. And like many Vitamin S users, he doesn’t know when to quit.

  5. After. Taste. One.
    It makes you wonder what makes them even try it…although I do know that some of these studios purposefully hook their models on steroids, crack or heroin right away, as a mean of controlling them, but it takes a a strength of character and no lack of self-esteem not to stick to abusing their bodies.

  6. That Tanner body is most likely naturally built by a good diet and lots of weight training.

  7. I don’t know about Alex Tanner’s diet, and definitely he’s been doing lots of weight training, but in previous videos one could see the telltale signs of Vitamin S use such as a breakout of acne on Alex Tanner’s back. That is unless he was just going through puberty again in his 20s. Sorry dude.

  8. I know that Porn is a very dark world despite all the bullshit propaganda that the industry promotes , but i severely doubt that studios are purposely getting models hooked on herion… or crack ! i work with people who take these drugs and the reality is that Sex would be not be on the agenda.. and models are dependent on how they look , addiction to such drugs are hard to hide. Steroids ? yes possibly there may be “encouragement ” there to improve on body shape etc but again these drugs play havoc with the body’s systems and performing would be an issue.
    I’m not disagreeing to be an asshole, i just think that your claims might be slightly exaggerated ! however Andrews disingenuous attitude to wards porn is ridiculous . i have no judgement on porn but lets get real here ! none of these guys or girls would say in elementary school that they wanna end up doing porn..

  9. Ummm….I’m curious, do you also have medical training Andrew? The likelihood that Alex Tanner is taking Vitamin S is 99.999999999%. The odds you are correct are…well, you do the math.

  10. You can go back and see almost exactly when he began the trip down ROID ROAD.
    The guy had almost perfect skin, everywhere. Then it was pocked, and then came the back acne, then he had trouble staying hard
    ( never before )then the swollen head…. Its a shame. He was a good looking guy, perfect skin, nice body, a little muscle and definition. Now, I just can’t watch him.
    LOW self esteem ?
    Either way, I am glad I have a lot of his old scenes as I am not gonna watch anything new..

  11. Doktor doesn’t like his medical opinions, that he pulls out of his ass, to be challenged. LOL.

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