Kyle Wyncrest of Chaos Men at Next Door Studios (tip @ Little Miss Kiss)

With the sale of Chaos Men to the owners of Next Door Studios, expect the models of Chaos Men to film for Next Door Studios and their sister sites (vice versa?).

Up first is Kyle Wyncrest, who had a behind the scene clip shared by Cameron Dalile for Next Door Studios.


While, Jason Windsor and Merill (aka Levi of Sean Cody) had one for Active Duty.



7 thoughts on “Kyle Wyncrest of Chaos Men at Next Door Studios (tip @ Little Miss Kiss)

  1. The saddest part of Chaos Men closing is that the hottest guys, who Bryan used all of his skills of persuasion to film with him, I just know aren’t going to work on any other site.
    Armani, the guy with longer dark hair who I’d have to Google and looked like a rock star…over the years, he’s worked with some STUNNING guys, but they’re not going to go over to NDM.

  2. Damn, it’s only time until CF is bought by another studio. The Big 3 of my 2000s gay porn fantasy are slowly being taken over :((

  3. Oh, CF might has well have been bought out years ago. When they sacked Pete and their production crew, the video quality went way down. When they stopped bringing their Alumni, like Dawson and Connor and started hiring trash…

  4. Another one bites the dust. RIP Chaos Men. Kinda redundant for both Chaos Men and Stag Collective to be owned by the same company, so this spells the death of Chaos Men. Can’t fault for Bryan taking the money.

  5. Amateur college jock straight gone gay sites are dying out. In a sense they are now outdated if you think about it.
    You can now find and support hot guys a la carte.

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