From Say Uncle to Men for this Mom

The pandemic had porn studios buy more content from Canada since their porn stars and extras are able to work despite the lockdowns.

One of the extras hired for a scene by Say Uncle was the woman who played as the mom of William Moore that allowed William to be barebacked by his step father Markus Kage in front of her.



The mom is the latest update at Men with Jeremy London as her son and Malik Delgaty as her step-son. This time, mom didn't know what was happening between her sons.


And, were the scenes filmed a day after the other since the mom wore some items on both shoots?



18 thoughts on “From Say Uncle to Men for this Mom

  1. An awkward old lady watching watching me and my boyfriend have gay sex? I mean, who wouldn’t get hard!

  2. Gross! Just disgusting! Seeing a woman in a gay porn video is an instant turn off. Definitely will skip this video. I don’t Understand Markus Kage popularity the man is overweight with a gut.

  3. A lot of gay porn isn’t being made for gay men anymore if you guys haven’t noticed. A lot is being made for the gay porn obsessed fag hags, the rapid onset gender dysphorics etc.

  4. I asked once and I’ll ask again: As this is porn …Does this ‘mom’ have a dick?

  5. What demographic of gay men who watch porn are asking for middle aged (Mom type) women to appear in it?. Answer: NONE!
    I mean nothing turns a gay man on more than having sex in front of woman who reminds you of your Mom/Aunt……

  6. WHY is there a woman in a supposedly wholly gay video? I’m only surprised she didn’t take her clothes off and join in! Sickos.

  7. This is unquestionably the malaise era of porn. Ugly performers, ugly women, and stupid storylines.

  8. Is it all porn though, or is just “gay” porn getting this treatment? It’s been getting the shit end of the stick for years, while straight porn has never had to accommodate trans, FTM, underage and incest and paedophilia storylines and the absolute dregs of society performing them.

  9. Exactly. The quality has collapsed and its increasingly “LGBT” porn, not gay porn.

  10. I’m more concerned about the poor ‘mom’. What life choices did she make to end up with this being her existence?? What does she put on her CV – interrupter of gay sex?

  11. Its not just gay porn with outrageous story lines. In straight porn they have story lines with cuckold videos with many being interracial, white family members watching their mom, sister, etc. being fucked by black guys, guys in debt watching their girlfriend get fucked to pay off the lender, moms having to fuck their son’s bully, implied incest with stepfamily, etc. If there’s a bad story line that anyone can think of, its not just limited to gay porn.

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