The str8 twin is up next at Chaos Men as Drake Von

Drake (Drake Yuri on Twitter) was first introduced by Military Classified.



And, his 2nd oral scene with the owner of Military Classified is the latest update on the site.


Drake is up next at Chaos Men as Drake Von.




It was mentioned in Drake’s solo description that Chaos Men almost booked the twin brother for scenes.


The twin brother is Silas Brooks (aka Baconator), who is currently an exclusive of Helix Studios and in love with Max Carter.


24 thoughts on “The str8 twin is up next at Chaos Men as Drake Von

  1. The Peters Twins, Elijah and Milo. They’ve disappeared now, but I do believe they actually committed incest in porn. How are you supposed to live a “normal” life or even go home for Christmas after doing that?
    You also had the Twins on Corbin Fisher; one straight, one bi, both jailbirds.
    And the Graff Twins, who appeared on one of that awful Halfway House rapey site, where the guy takes turns, pulling out of one and straight into the other.
    The Zakars…I don’t know if they’ve done porn, but they do intimate it and have done some risqué photo shoots.
    And finally, Jozef, Rado, Petr and Romi, aka the “Zuska Brothers”. To my knowledge, they’re not all related, but some of these porn producers, REALLY want you to believe that you’re watching incest and I don’t get it.

  2. It is said that the Belami twins Elijah and Milo had incest sex outside of porn even before their porn career. They had a fallout after one of them got hardcore christian, married a woman and now blames the other he had seduced and coerced him to do it.

  3. He’s not straight lol. He’s more masc than his twin but is definitely not straight.
    He hooked up with twinks outside of shooting porn.

  4. That’s such a degree of mental illness that I can’t predict which of them will kill the other first, before committing suicide.
    I’m reminded of the Jeremy Irons film “Dead Ringers”…

  5. So glad Michael Boston’s twin brother isn’t in porn. You just know they would push those two into 3way scenes and the like.

  6. In a relationship with Max Carter?! Oh, that’ll end well.
    How old is Max now? When is he going to stop creeping on the Helix models? 😒

  7. Why do we keep talking about it these two weird ass dudes? The appeal just simply isn’t there.

  8. Silas needs to get away as fast as he can from any type of relationship other than professional from Max Carter who has been involved in so many controversial departures of talent from Helix Studios. Perhaps Silas signed a one year contract with Helix as an exclusive for all we know.
    But I will say that scene of Silas and his twin Drake tag teaming a MILF on FamilyCuckold was off the charts and I hope they do another twin tag team scene. Silas is the bi twin and his twin brother Drake is straight so it may be a while until Drake agrees to do another M-M scene other than the ones he did on MC.

  9. If I knew your real name, I’d try and get you help. All I can say is that please, seek it.

  10. “..that the Belami twins Elijah and Milo had incest sex outside of porn even before their porn career.”
    Really? I know nothing about that!
    “They had a fallout after one of them got hardcore Christian, married a woman..”
    One of them posted a pro-gay/LGBT post on his Facebook account a couple of years back, and one of the people leaving a LIKE on it was none other than the former Bel Ami boy Tommy Hansen!

  11. wish the Graff twins had done alot more than what they did ..what happ to them !?

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