Alias of Jesse of Corbin Fisher

Jesse was introduced by Corbin Fisher in 2020 and he won as your favorite model for that year.


He now has 9 scenes released by Corbin Fisher.


He joined Twitter as Jesse Stone this month. And, his latest cam show as Jesse Fisher for Corbin Fisher was dated July 01, 2021.


17 thoughts on “Alias of Jesse of Corbin Fisher

  1. Jesse’s body looks like it was carved out of beautiful white marble. He topped Noah, Jared, Mitch and Zander, but the Great Dane pulled rank on him and got Jesse to give himself over to the Dane Law.

  2. I guess they would prefer to see you instead – body of rolls of fat and a TEENY, WEENY, WIDDLE dick to boot. The only men you attract are at 2:00 am who wear vodka googles.

  3. It is unreal how super ripped Jesse’s body is. Not too handsome, but he is the total package in my book.

  4. I think he is so cute and that body is clean sexy ripped perfection. No ink and no awkwardly shaped body hair. He is a major stud and I hope he does a lot more pounding on camera.

  5. Can someone feed this guy and get him a decent haircut? Looks like a homeless meth addict.

  6. Jesse Stone is a good name for him. His sculpted muscular body looks like it was carved out of stone. He’s a personal trainer and his body must be a good motivator for his clients.

  7. Love his physique and body hair, he is a piece of sculpture, a feast for the eyes!

  8. He’s not horrible or even especially bad in any particular way but anyone going bananas over him must be clearly suffering from the lowered expectations era of modern day gay porn.

  9. I really liked him but after having a chat with him on F4F, I was less attracted to him.
    He’s weird and unstable emotionally. I think he used drugs.

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