Cash of Active Duty committed suicide in 2019

At Active Duty, Cash had 11 scenes listed on the site from 2005 to 2010.



He was in the news last June 2019 since his body was found hanged in the woods of Baldwin County that was ruled out as suicide.



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96 thoughts on “Cash of Active Duty committed suicide in 2019

  1. It’s called marketing and public relations. The porn industry is very good at it.

  2. IAFD says his last film was in 2010. TEN YEARS! Yet porn killed this dude.πŸ™„

  3. Yeah some 23 yo hick from Alabama was the next Meryl Streep. If only Chad was as great an actor as you are a comedianπŸ˜‚

  4. Nobody said porn killed him. I said the industry preys on unstable straight men to fulfill your straight guy fetish. It’s fact. Get over it, you psychopath.

  5. Gotta give ya credit hon ya haven’t dropped the Jesus card. But the nite is still young.

  6. I’ve never seen one gay porn video of Cash. It’s a fact. You know it’s true. I don’t need to see what I’m compelled to condemn.

  7. Cash died under mysterious circumstances two years ago! And we are just hearing about it today. The gay porn grapevine is not what is use to be.

  8. Great thread. I’ve always found it amusing that women find it inconceivable that straight identifying men ( bi-sexual)have to be on drugs or threatened or desperate for $ to have sex with men on camera. It has been my experience that actual G4P are quite enthusiastic about getting paid to have sex. Any sex. Most are exhibitionists anyway.If they are “traumatized” by gay sex they stop doing it. Easy Peasy.

  9. Y’all I never pointed a gun at anybody’s head. Maybe a spare rib but never a gun.

  10. This is so sad and quite likely brought on by struggling with his sexuality in a non-accepting state. RIP brother. :'(
    There, I fixed your comment for you.

  11. Dude, they arent lost straight guys! They are lost bi/gay guys who sometimes can never accept that. Your venom is sickening.

  12. You’re a fucking appalling waste of sperm Muggy. Poor guy is dead, left with nowhere to go but taking his own life, and you just spout your usual vitriol.
    You’re not a “truth-teller”. You’re just an obnoxious, obsessive, cunt.

  13. His FB had several snaps of him shirtless hanging all over some redneck guy, The guy had a really hard stare and did not seem to enjoy being hung on by Cash. In fact he looked pissed.Just sayin.

  14. Denz you should block all the comments coming from usernames with the same IPs, before they drive away guys who regularly read your blog and post their individual comments.

  15. I hope you think of his dead body next time you masturbate, sicko. He was a person, not just beat off material for pigs like you.

  16. What a weird attempt to take the high ground.
    FWIW I’ve never masturbated to a video of this guy, and I’m not likely to do so now. And the fact that he was a person is exactly why everyone here thinks your fucking scum for using a post about his death to dribble your usual shit.

  17. Y’all have no idea what’s it like to live and die in these hick towns.

  18. Phil, you love the exploitation of vulnerable straight men that the industry engages in. Anything for your orgasm, right? You sick fuck.

  19. Just an FYI.
    There are a handful of usernames with the same IP – some of them just to argue with Muggy.
    If you disagree with Muggy, use one name and don’t make it look like there are a lot of you arguing with him.

  20. Y’all have no idea what’s it like to live and die in a little redneck hick town.

  21. It’s apparent that there’s a moron loose. The notion that you have to be gay to gay sex is utterly ridiculous. Sites like Corbin Fisher and Sean Cody would have gone out of business a long time ago.

  22. ATTN: The Real Muggy.
    Do you know who’s doing this? It’s someone who knows you post on the board obviously…but are you going to name names? I’m just so curious to know who’d have such a vendetta against you, that they’d spend so much time, even coming up with so many different names.

  23. You’re like a human version of Covid, you keep popping up as another variant virus. Calling out perverts on a gay porn blog, what a tool!!!

  24. Quite possible that he wasn’t a “lost soul” but a kinky experiment that ended up wrong. Lots of people have a “hang” fetish, or “erotical asphyxiation” kink

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