Then & now on Ace Quinn

Ace Quinn started in 2019 where he became an exclusive of Men.



The pandemic hit in 2020 and Ace lost weight due to the lockdown. It was evident in his scene at Cocky Boys released last November.


The lockdown in Canada was also the time Ace got a sleeve tattoo.

And, that tattoo is now present is his latest scene at Masqulin where he seems to be in the process of adding weight to become a bodybuilder.




22 thoughts on “Then & now on Ace Quinn

  1. Actually, I think he not only lost his youth but he fucked up his good looks with this stupid tattoo and roided body ( maybe in an attempt to be relevant in the sea of new guys that arrive in porn and prostitution every year, month, day, hour….).PS: Take a look at his swollen face.

  2. He looked healthy when he filmed that scene with CockyBoys. Now he looks old and bloated. DON’T USE STEROIDS, KIDS!
    PS: The tattoo is horrid. God, I hate sleeve tattoos.

  3. Looked great in 2019, Skinny in 2020 and now fat in 2021. I guess he lost access to his dealer in the gym when they closed.

  4. I’m really not sure what to make of this guy. He looked…okay in the beginning, but that wasn’t straightforward weight loss. He looked gaunt, unhealthy and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was close to having a meth mouth. And now…that isn’t just regular weight gain, or a hard work in the gym body. It looks like he’s swapped meth for steroids. I haven’t seen any of his scenes and if he’s turning out a good performance, then good for him, but the guy needs help. At this rate, there’s going to be a post about his accidental overdose or suicide next.

  5. Why is it every goddam time someone works out hard and gets more muscle it is ALWAYS steroids with some people? And that’s with no visible evidence(which there almost always is). It’s almost as tiring as the “I hate tattoos” diatribe.

  6. Jesus dude, you sure live in some crazy effed up world to go from accusing someone of having been on meth, steroids, gonna die of an overdose or kill himself! Dafuq wrong with you!? You obviously know nothing about working out and the quick gains that can be made in 6 months to a year with good old working out, eating right and legal supplements and protein, especially if your body has been there before. Hell, I lost 20 pounds in 2 months from the stress( but you would for sure accuse me of being on meth or something) He is an example of pretty much a lot of us during the crazy stress of covid and Trumpfuck with our weight and muscle loss and gains. But you dont care cuz it’s easy to just slander someone you dont know from your computer chair to make yourself feel better. Smfh

  7. That 8s the dumbest “evidence” ever! But go on since you are the “expert”. Smfh

  8. Ace Quinn looks bloated he has the look of someone using steroids. Collin Simpson has a similar look. Steroids isn’t good in the long term. He doesn’t look fit he just looks bloated.

  9. Obviously he was stunning in the body department in 2019. I wasn’t a fan of the leaner and skinnier version in 2020. He looks normal to me in the updated photo. He just looks like he’s not trying to go for the muscles out department just yet. He doesn’t look like drugs are playing a factor in my opinion.
    I’ve seen the harsh reality of meth and other drugs and he doesn’t look like anything in that matter. One thing for sure is that he’s still fucking handsome. I’m not completely a fan of some of the company he keeps outside of the cameras but he’s still cool in my book.
    When it comes to the tats, I’m not a true fan but at least he didn’t pull a Justin Broady and go complete chest tat and more.

  10. He’s obviously still muscular under that fat, but he’s still fat. Not like no gym, doesn’t workout fat. But not lean either.
    Porn standards wise it wouldn’t be ideal for the sites he’s making content for.

  11. Now that Ace has added all that beef, he will probably begin sculpting it into a ripped muscular body.

  12. Unlike everyone else I think he’s hot now. That is my favourite body type … beefy but not cut. Although that face tattoo, teardrop or whatever it is, is a shame, but to each their own.

  13. The difference between that first picture and the last is SAD. He really has ruined what was once a very hot defined body/face. He is puffy and ordinary now. He once was a PORN STAR at the top of his game. Now He looks like the guy at the bowling alley working the shoe checkout. Once a great looking athletic God, now a bloated, regular looking middle aged man who looks like he smells of bad beer farts and cheese whiz.

  14. LOOK IT UP… Every time someone on here accuses somebody of using steroids it gets a lot of comments from people saying – “how can you say that, it isn’t true?”
    Then… the True story comes out, It Was Steroids and it is true. The guy is sick or dies from organ failure, heart attack, or off’s himself.
    Moral of the story : If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, well, you know the rest…………

  15. Like most people this past year, he put on a few pounds. And like most of us, he’s probably working out a lot to get rid of the extra padding. Hence, the muscle under the fat. But that tattoo is really trashy. He’s still hot though.

  16. Nice try Ugh. The old bitter queens here are judgemental trolls who don’t have a clue about recalibration one’s body after a…quarantine. They just sit on their fat asses and judge and think they’re witty.

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