From the US to Eastern Europe for Simon Best

Two scenes for Simon Best this week.

One from Chaos Men, a US based porn site recently bought by a Canadian based company.



The other one from Str8 Hell, sister site of William Higgins based in Czech Republic.


Simon Best is one of the few Eastern European porn stars who had scenes at William Higgins, Bad Puppy [gallery], East Boys, Southern Strokes, UK Naked Men & Jawked without a name change.






It was only Bromo who renamed him as Lucas.

8 thoughts on “From the US to Eastern Europe for Simon Best

  1. He’s also in 4KCFNM, grandmams, Letsgobi, Maturevan, familyscrew, etc all those websites.
    He’s doing everything.

  2. He identified as hetero on WH Erotic Solo and seems to be an unrepentant and boring gay4pay-too bad,he is hot in a way.

  3. Look at that lame scene summary on ChaosMen. Bryan always went into detail about a solo performer’s personality. He’d speculate on the guy’s sexuality and state how nervous he seemed. Bryan shared and understood his viewers’ curiosity about each guy. Now, unfortunately, the write-up is 11 measly words.

  4. The entire EE industry is made by G4Ps and some bisexuals.
    If you dislike G4P, I really don’t recommend EE porn.

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