20 thoughts on “Who did it best at Men so far this 2021?

  1. The Alter Sin scenes are among the best, most straight forward sex scenes Men has so we’re going with Europe hahaha

  2. Alejo Ospina, Dann Gray and Daniel Montoya are not European. The question is wrong and the answers they have given too. The right thing to do is to rate those who have the skills to create gay content. And obviously, Ruslan, Alejo, Dann, Daniel and Aiden Ward have the skills to be in the industry. But the other actors have not shown anything new, they could follow the example of Rhyheim who has 1 million followers being the first gay man in porn to reach that level of fans, no straight actor has that many fans. And he got it because of his abilities, although he could also improve, these days his content is boring. The important thing is to start seeing what they are good at and obviously the actors I name below don’t have much of a skill in gay porn.
    Malik is the copy of Fernando Nielsen but with a different role, as soon as we close our eyes he will disappear. How actresses disappear into straight porn. In that industry, there are only idiots who are now trying to put gay content on their twitter accounts to gain followers and remain FUCKED, there is no English word to describe their behavior.
    Willian Seed, Roman Todd, Deangelo Jackson are boring tops.
    The funny thing is that MEN loves to continue with the steorotypes. I DON’T understand why MEN keeps using straight actors when there are a lot of gay men who would do a better job.
    It would be better to see: @fullmetaltwunk, @mounds, @chuckgetsfucked, @anonbttmmia, or other actors

  3. It. Is. Time. To. Bottom. Jax…even Brandon Cody realized by now that enough is enough.Allen…the same goes for you, because you can stick to this power top identity, but you used to take it like a champ.I’m absolutely despising Sunny D, aka Bo Sinn Jr.Malik..urgh.William Seed it a better bottom and Sir Peter is just so full of himself, so seeing him bitched-out would be refreshing.In fact, seeing ALL these guys give it up would be refreshing, because it’s a month of terrible topping.

  4. Well, there’s Gay4Pay (which no one will admit to being, because it loses them money), “Bi” or “Pansexual” which is usually only used not to lose money because they are actually Gay4Pay but don’t want to admit it (and lose money) and then actually gay but actually gay men who are allowed to do porn tend to have severe mental illness, aka Jack Mackenroth.

  5. Marc MacNamara just became lead director at Naked Sword. I don’t think his Nasty Boy Productions studio will continue to work with MindGeek. Expect more Canadian porn to fill the gap.

  6. So, Paul Wagner really turned in a top only? Tragic…
    I believe that his pussy scene will coming soon.

  7. If Armond Rizzo is gay, does that mean Johnny Rapid can sit on a barstool without dropping straight to the floor?

  8. Roman Todd , William Seed and Paul Wagner bottomed like champs.
    Aiden Ward is a great top and as his scene with Ryheim and friends proves, an awesome bottom as well. The DP scenes are exceptional.

  9. Since when are Canadians and Europeans uglier than Americans? Porn must be fishing guys out of the gutter.

  10. I don’t understand the hate for Canadians on this board? Okay yes some of the French Canadian models are gay for pay. But that’s their choice. I prefer to see William Seed bottom more but maybe porn companies not paying him enough. These guys will put out if the price is right.

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