Derek Chambers aka Cameron Reid

Derek Chambers aka Cameron Reid was a cross over porn star who made headlines in 2010 for testing positive for HIV that he claimed he got from a gay porn shoot in Florida.

He has a Go Fund Me page created by his aunt last January 29, 2021 that asked for financial help for his final expenses.

[h/t @ Miss Piggy]


  1. Cherrystick

    So sorry to read that he passed away. I know we can be opinionated on this blog but I know I can speak for a majority of us when I say that no matter what, the loss of life is horrific. I hope his family was able to get everything they needed to lay him to rest.

  2. JJ

    I am finally here at the Men Of Porn blog, and this is my first ever post here!

    Anyway, I’m saddened by the news of his death. I’m sad that he contracted HIV from porn. I wonder whether that set him on path of decline.

    May his family find closure, and may dear Derrick rest in peace.

  3. John

    I vaguely remember him, but did he ever even do bareback gay porn? I couldn’t find a single thing.

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