Devil May Cum & The Stripper Clown

With Men, almost every scene feels like a Halloween themed scene ?. But, the studio only filmed 2 scenes this year for Halloween.

Devil May Cum with Adam Hart & Felix Fox.

Couple Felix Fox and Adrian Hart arrive at the pearly gates, but they're missing their junk! Rather than spend a sexless eternity, the guys leap down to hell, where they put on a hot show for Satan himself. The Prince of Darkness gets a lapdance from Adrian in his black leather chaps, and Felix joins in to make out with his man before the guys enjoy a double-ended plug together. Mephistopheles watches as Felix fucks Adrian doggystyle, stroking his huge red cock on his throne as the boyfriends suck each other, then Adrian rides Felix reverse. Then it's Felix's turn to get fucked as Adrian penetrates him doggystyle, and after Hell's newest devils cum, Beelzebub rewards them with his evil jizz on their faces. Better to rail in hell than abstain in heaven!

The Stripper Clown with William Seed and Brent North.

Brent North isn't impressed when clown William Seed shows up to his bachelor party and starts awkwardly making balloon animals… until it turns out that William's actually a very serious stripper. William shucks off his clothes and Brent runs his hands over his cut chest and abs, squeezing his muscle ass, then eagerly sucks the stripper's hard cock. William penetrates the groom-to-be doggystyle, and Brent rides the top's cock, then takes that big dick missionary till he cums. William puts Brent face down, ass up to fuck that hole, before giving him a facial to remember.


  1. FieldMedic

    Brent North’s mood in that pic is how I feel about holiday themed porn.

  2. Muggy

    Why do you keep posting this garbage? Nothing from is worth watching.

  3. andrew

    I want to have an All Hallows’ Eve like Brent had and get some of that thuggishly handsome, hung and muscular William’s seed.

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