If you miss Logan Milano (tip @ Rob)

Logan Milano had a solo & 2 scenes released between December 2014 to February 2015 by Randy Blue.

If you miss him, he created a Twitter account last December but his first tweet started last July to promote his fan site.

Randy Blue has not had an update for years but some of their scenes are available at AEBN and re-released on a weekly basis since September 2020 by Say Uncle.

3 thoughts on “If you miss Logan Milano (tip @ Rob)

  1. Thanks for posting Logan Milano’s Tweets! I had no idea that he was back – so excited to subscribe to his OF!

  2. One of my faves from back in the heydays of Randy Blue. I believe he just has the solo and then a scene with Chad Karzen and another with Billy Taylor. He said he was from Indianapolis.

    Not that he necessarily looks bad or that bad now but I surely would not have recognized him! This damn facial hair obsession we’ve in now. Can’t wait til its over.

    Coincidentally, I just ran across his solo yesterday in my collection before seeing this posting. Nom, nom, nom!

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