1. bo

    Eric Lenn is aka Stan Simons, Stan Simmons and a half-dozen other names. He is generally a very good versatile performer, sometimes is bred or eats cum, and is almost always in a daddy role.

  2. E

    What the heck is that chest tattoo (?) on the last guy?

    • Cherrystick

      That’s the new barcode that scans each performer to list their sexual positions and true orientations.

      Just a joke. I don’t know but it’s hideous if that’s a tattoo.

      • E

        I thought it might be a vaccine passport. Haha.

    • Brad

      It’s code from the Matrix.

  3. andrew

    Tyler Castle did a great job taking the muscular ginger man Kyle Conners to pound town.

    • bo

      And fed him a substantial load

  4. Bull (@wldone)

    @Erick Lenn………..does he bottom?

    • bo

      Yes he has–bottomed on Butch Dixon for Max Bourne and Donnie Marco, bottomed aka Stan Simons on CockSure Men for Ivan Jizera and bottomed and ate cum of Ennio Guardi and Marek Tankeron Cocksure Men.

      • andrew

        Ennio Guardi’s cum is nutritious.

        • bo

          …you’ve sampled it? LOL

          • andrew

            I wish I had. His body is sculpted muscular perfection.

      • Bull (@wldone)

        I think he would look hot as a bottom. I prefer the shaved head and smooth face look on him. That’s unusual for me, I usually prefer beards. His Raging Stallion picture looks like his cock is average. Which I think is good. I’m not a big cock fan. Yet in the Chaos Men profile picture it looks significantly larger. Photo manipulation or angle?

  5. Bull (@wldone)

    I think Tyler Castle is a hot, cutie pie, fuckable, cuddle buddy, sexy guy. I’d love to fuck his ass.

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