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Kyle Fox, Ricky Larkin, Brayden & Abram

Kyle Fox now has 2 threesome scenes with Marco Antonio at Lucas Entertainment where the two shared Drew Dixon and then Rudy Gram.

Ricky Larkin, based on the tattoos on his left wrist, is one of the house managers at Boys Halfway House and his scene with Max Lorde is the latest on the site.

Brayden is back after a year at Sean Cody with his scene with Asher – two guys whose real life boyfriends also films for Sean Cody.

Abram (aka Neil of Frat Men) of Corbin Fisher had a mugshot in 2014 that included his real name & birthdate. There is an online obituary of a guy (no photos), who died last year, with the same name & birthdate. (h/t MoP Fan)

15 thoughts on “Kyle Fox, Ricky Larkin, Brayden & Abram

    1. I’d say the winner if the “biggest waste of gay porn space” race in this particular update is Ricky Larkin by an entire hemisphere.

  1. Abram aka Neil is a tragedy if it’s true. I had a big crush on him when he was at Fratmen: as an on looker because I wouldn’t dare pay for such trash. I thought his solo debut at CF after a long absence from porn meant that we would finally get to see him in real m.o.m scenes but then he disappeared. I suspected that he was battling drugs at the time because he looked so worn out from his FM days. I know he was 25 and long gone from his late teens youthful look that he had, but something felt different about him. Sad to hear that his life has come to an end. He will live on in my Google Drive with hours of cam footage. And some of his FM suck scenes are A1 like the scenes with Wally and

    I also want to point something out something that could possibly confirm a drug addiction. When he first debuted at FM, he was bigger muscle wise. When he returned to do Fratmen Sucks videos he was noticeably thinner. I vaguely remember him explaining why. I think he said he had fallen on hard times or something like that. I also heard that he was possibly fired from FM for drugs.

    1. It really goes to show you how the people behind these studios align with trashy ass, racist ass, homophobic ass performers like Ricky Larkin. I’m so tired of talking about this clown. It’s clear his mindset is shitty. So for the people behind the scenes to read and see exactly the same things we do and they still cut a check for him to perform mediocre ass porn is ridiculous.

      He’s constantly stuck his foot in his mouth going all the way back to his I’ll words against HIV and the porn industry back in 2013. Including the alleged outing of some fellow performer’s status. That’s what started the mess. Since then he’s spewed dislike against black men in the industry (although didn’t stop him from fucking them), he’s gone on homophobic rants (although still having gay sex) he’s even misguided anger towards feminine acting gay males. He’s been part of this weird ass make a gay man go bisexual movement. He’s just troubling.

      I’m just tired of blog sites mentioning him. It’s time to take out the trash.

      I’m sorry to hear about Abram and his possible passing.

      Am I one of the rare ones who doesn’t fret he vibe of threesomes and orgies.? They just seem to get messy and all over the place and I don’t mean that in a good way.

      1. I feel you. It’s sad the abuse we have to endure as proud gay men. The porn industry is so homophobic even when it caters to us. There is so much straight fatigue and shady practices. My goodness. I hate it¡

        I don’t care for threesomes and orgies. I have adhd.

  2. The porn industry is such a trash industry. So during the while George Floyd situation Ricky Larkin said some problematic things about the porn industry needing to hire more attractive black men in response to the whole lack of diversity argument, which was rich coming from someone who looks like an ogre and someone whose looks have long left the building and now looks like Abraham Lincoln post rigor mortis. No offense to Ab…. The comment was funny because Ricky seemed to enjoy working with black men and they produced some of his best scenes. I have yet to see him have as much passion with others. Then again, that could be a fetish race play crap. Whether he was speaking out of term or not, he is an asshole and has proven it time and time again. Shortly after his unwanted opinion, Ricky stopped filming cause I didn’t see as many scenes from him as before. But now he’s back and working anonymously too¿¡ There’s no accountability in the porn industry. But as soon as Onlyfans threaten to end the careers of sex workers or some conservative person condemns it, it’s just a job like any other job, blah, blah, blah. But it needs a code of ethics like a real life. You shouldn’t be allowed to be openly racist, a pedophile, a thief many times over and still be employed. Then have the audacity to go on Twitter and berate the same people who feed you. How is one so comfortable¿ Oh, that’s right¡ No accountability in the porn industry.

    1. I haven’t been following Larkin, and I don’t know what he said. I always thought he was a light skinned black man. No? Either way, I would agree 100% that the porn industry needs to hire more attractive black men. There aren’t many in porn, and those who are active are mostly not good looking.

      1. He is mixed, but I don’t know with what. It was the way he said all matter of factly and it was a slap in the face of people he had worked with. There are a lot hot black guys but the studios don’t want to hire them or they just don’t wanna do porn. But let’s not act like all the white guys in porn are hot. Most of them are not but I don’t see Chi Chi and all of these people doing a diversity hire to rid the ugly.

        1. So true. I think that attempt bi Chi Chi was that dumb Noir Male site that got exposed and white washed eventually or do I have that wrong?!

          1. You have right. They were only promoting the white models on IG and the black models were an afterthought and it was controversial.

            I don’t know if Ricky has any black DNA and Latino, Italian, Greek arent race: ethnicity and nationality , but he looks swirly. I thought he was a dark Middle eastern or Turkish from southwestern asia , but a lot of Arabs consider themselves white even if they’re really dark.

      2. So funny you brought up this fact. I thought he was biracial too and mentioned it to him years ago in a DM. He got fucking mad with me. He corrected me instantly and said “ Who told you I was mixed at all?”

        He then went on to tell me he’s part Greek, Italian, Native American etc…. When I mentioned to him that that’s the definition of mixed, he stopped replying. He wanted me to know that he wasn’t black or Latino. Ugh.

        But now that things have a little more clarification in recent times, it makes sense.

        1. Btw, funny he said Native American cause back in the day when people were mistaken for black, they would say they were native and say it was the reason for their tan. Latee on, a lot of those people would get DNA tested and discover they actually had black ancestry. No native…then again, some people believe black people were indigenous to America first.

  3. Too bad about Abram. It looks like he really did pass away. I thought he looked so hot at CF and I always hoped he would come back to pound some ass. I do love those sexy bad boys.

  4. This Abram is the 2018 Abram, not to be confused with the 2014 Abram who doesn’t really look like the 2018 but they are both dark hair and if you aren’t familiar with the 2014’s dozen or so videos for Broke Straight Boys as Abram Hoffer, then you might confuse their very small blip on Corbin Fisher with just solo’s, except for 2014 who had an ACS scene with a girl.

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